A taste of Yorkshire: Why locally-sourced Yorkshire ingredients make the perfect Christmas dinner

For many people, Christmas dinner is at the heart of the whole festive season. Sharing a delicious meal with family and loved ones is what Christmas is all about, but it could be even better if you choose to eat locally sourced ingredients this December.

At Weetwood Hall in Leeds, sourcing local ingredients is a real priority. All menus are planned with seasonality and local ingredients in mind, and this includes Christmas dinner and other festive menus. Wherever possible, only the very best Yorkshire ingredients are used, and we think you really can taste the difference.

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Why the advent month is merry, festive and memorable in Leeds

Photo courtesy of David Lindsay

Like many of the UK’s biggest and brightest cities, Leeds is counting down to Christmas with a whole stocking full of festive activities and fun things to do. So, if you’re feeling a little of the Christmas spirit, Leeds is most definitely the place to be.

What’s on in Leeds this Christmas…

Whether you’re visiting for the day or making a weekend of it, here’s our guide to some of the best Christmas activities in Leeds this year, plus where to stay when you simply can’t take any more festive fun!

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Earn more with Weetwood Rewards

Finding meeting and conference facilities that perfectly meet your needs, and in exactly the right location, can be incredibly difficult. So, once you’ve found the ideal hub to hold crucial meetings, team-building events and important conferences, you’ll need an easy way to re-book whenever you need to.

At Weetwood Hall, we make it easy and convenient for businesses to cut out the middle man and conveniently book meetings and conferences in Leeds. However, we go one step further and also reward loyal businesses who make repeat bookings with us, and with more than just a thank you. As part of our Weetwood Rewards scheme, you can save money on the next big event in your business calendar by redeeming up to £5,000 off your company’s next booking.

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Five festive proposals: Pop the question in style this Christmas

Christmas can be the perfect time to pop that all-important question. With festive lights twinkling, wood fires burning and everyone relaxed and enjoying spending time together, it’s the perfect backdrop to make a special romantic gesture. But how to do it?  Should you simply drop down to one knee or should you plan a festive surprise? Here are some ideas, which should hopefully lead to a spate of 2015 weddings

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Calling all ‘Green Businesses’ – Why you should use a sustainable meeting room

Nowadays, going ‘green’ is not only good for the environment. It’s also extremely good for business. Green businesses that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability can stand out from competitors, impress like-minded clients and business partners and win more customers with their green image, as well as potentially saving money.

If your business is green-minded, you should definitely consider holding your meetings and conferences in sustainable meeting rooms. This is just another step on the road to becoming an eco-responsible company, but it’s a very important one.

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