How to identify a quality real ale










Real ale, also known as cask ale, is really taking off in British bars, and not just in traditional pubs. Trendy bars and ‘drinkeries’ in vibrant city centres and urban environments are all racing to keep up with demand for a pint of the good stuff. But what really makes a quality real ale? If you’re tasting your very first pint of beer, how do you know what to look out for?

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What to look for in a wedding photographer

After the venue and the dress, wedding photos are one of the most important things to get spot-on when planning a wedding. But where to start finding a photographer, and what questions should you be asking?

Here are eight essential things to look for and ask about when choosing a wedding photographer:

A portfolio with images that match the mood you want for your day. To find a photographer who’s the perfect fit for your wedding, take a look in their portfolio. Look for images that match the mood and style that you want for your wedding photos.

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Home or in a restaurant? The best venues to celebrate Easter with the family

The question of where to hold Easter lunch – at home or in a restaurant – can be very divisive. Just like other special occasions like Christmas Day, some people think that it should be enjoyed at home surrounded by family. However, others are understandably daunted by the pressure to cook a delicious Easter meal and entertain the family, not to mention all the effort, time, money and cleaning up involved.

Which will it be this year – home or away?

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Advice for a family-friendly Easter break without any trials and tribulations!

The Easter holidays are fantastic fun for the kids, with two whole weeks away from the classroom and the freedom to run riot. However, as you can imagine, this two week break is not always so fun for parents.

Trying to find activities with which to entertain the kids, planning travel and accommodation, and generally keeping everyone happy over Easter can be quite stressful.

To ensure that the whole family has a happy and relaxed break, follow our 5 top tips for a stress-free Easter.

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10 of the best hotel blogs

If you’re looking for somewhere for a romantic weekend, a fun holiday with family or friends or even a stunning wedding venue, you’re likely to head straight online to do some research. You could look on hotel websites for information, but where you’re likely to get the best unbiased information and the real scoop on where to stay is from specialist hotel bloggers.

Here’s our pick 10 of the best hotel blogs and guides:

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