It’s never too early to plan office Christmas parties – in fact, you’re late!

At this time of year, nothing could be further from your mind than the festivities of Christmas. However, if it’s your responsibility to plan the office Christmas party and you want it to be as good as ever, you need to force yourself to start thinking about it – because now is most definitely the time to start making plans.

Why plan so early?

There are several pitfalls to waiting until later in the year to start planning office Christmas parties. The first is that the best venues will start to get booked up, as other local businesses try to get ahead of the game and schedule their parties in advance. It’s a race every year to book the best venues, and its one that you need to win.

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What makes a sustainable hotel?

Like any modern business, hotels have a responsibility to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. However, in a premises occupied by guests, rather than members of staff who understand and who are on-board with the company’s commitment to sustainability, reducing their carbon footprint can often be a challenge for hotel owners.

If you would like to stay in a hotel that cares about its impact on the environment, and on the local area, here are the vital things to be looking out for…

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Five great family sports children will love

Families often play sports separately, with the kids taking part in sports at school and their parents heading off to their own sports clubs, as well as the gym and fitness classes, in the evenings.

However, playing sports with children as a family can be hugely rewarding, bringing everyone closer together and strengthening those family bonds. It’s a unique chance to have fun, get some exercise and fresh air and work together as a family, which can only be a good thing.

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Tips for great team-building corporate events: An interview with Off Limits

It has long been recognised that behind every successful company and organisation is a strong team. Team building activities and corporate events are designed to help develop strong teams within organisations, to ultimately result in business development and growth. As team-building activities can motivate employees and generate enthusiasm, it is hardly surprising ‘team-building’ has become a buzzword in contemporary business practices.

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Quirky Wedding Favours: An interview with Bessie’s Yorkshire Preserves

With the breath-taking natural beauty of its countryside, cosmopolitan appeal of Leeds and the ancient charm of York, it’s not difficult to understand why many couples decide to get married in Yorkshire. With so many idyllic spots and fabulous settings, brides and grooms are literally spoilt for choice when choosing a wedding venue in Yorkshire. Though picking a venue is just the beginning of your big day preparations.

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