The Great War Conference

28th July - 1st August 2014 recently hosted                          Patron The Dowager Countess, Lady Haig

The First World War exerted an impact on British society and upon British relations with Europe, the Dominions, the United States and the emerging Soviet Union which transformed all pre 1914 familiar circumstance. The 1939-45 war notwithstanding, it is the "Great War" which, very largely, shaped today's world. Positive and negative developments, progress and regression, opportunities and pitfalls in national, international and world affairs, can all be identified as rooted in the war and its consequences. With the upcoming centenary of the outbreak of the war there could hardly be a more opportune time for reconsideration of the factors which drew Britain into the war, the degree to which the Armed Forces, the Government and the Nation itself were prepared for what ensued. 

There is the extraordinary story of the national response as the crisis evolved, not just in the political and military direction of the war but of the young men transforming themselves into Servicemen and the young women searching for and finding a role to play.

Even in the first few months there were remarkable innovations and extensions of developments hitherto just glimpsed - medical advances, nursing and hospital needs. Then there was the wider use of animals, and the use of film for information and propaganda.

All this and more is to be brought to the delegates at this imaginative conference by a team of talented men and women accustomed to sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm with audiences from a wide-ranging interest in the First World War.

This conference has been planned by Dr Peter Liddle, Conference Director and Colonel Alan Roberts, Military Consultant for like-minded enthusiasts to listen, reflect, network, share knowledge and acquire a fresh perspective.

"I have many fond memories of the Great War Conference at Weetwood Hall and not surprisingly they seem to be inseparable. Perhaps the most abiding was the Fellowship the Delegates enjoyed among each other and, importantly, also with the Lecturers and Organizers of the Conference. The immediate accessibility of the Speakers to the Delegates, the intimacy of the venue, the superb common meals, the receptions, the field trips, the demonstrations and exhibits, became a common thread that made this Fellowship real. I have over my professional career attended many superb, informative and interesting meetings and conferences. But none provided the closeness, the dialog, the Fellowship of this Conference." Bill Gordon, Texas, USA

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