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Inspirational Conventions & Events is a series of events held here at Weetwood Hall on subjects that inspire conversation, feed the imagination and demand to be explored. Each event is researched and led by a Specialist Programme Director - an expert in the subject field, who will set the programme, select key-note speakers and identify events and excursions, where applicable.

Inspirational Conventions & Events can be residential or non-residential.

If you have a specific interest in any subject, and think it would make a great Inspirational Convention, we would love to hear from you.                    Please contact us on

Inspirational Conventions
& Events

Inspirational Conventions & Events
If you have a great concept/special interest for a conference or event you would like us to organise and host, please contact Peter Chubb, Development Director at

A centenary commemorative conference to acknowledge the outbreak of WW1

A centenary commemoration conference of the outbreak of WW1
Lord Kitchener may not be calling you today but if you want to know how Britain came to be involved, take part in this conference to listen, reflect, network and share knowledge with like-minded enthusiasts and experts.

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