Why we are proud to be Yorkshire


Being based in the vibrant city of Leeds with a verdant landscape of rolling valleys, vast meadows and flourishing forests on our doorstep, here at Weetwood Hall we have the best of both worlds. We are truly blessed to live, work and play in the diverse and friendly county of Yorkshire. There’s many reasons why the people of Yorkshire are renowned for being proud of their county. We’ve identified some of the main reasons why the Weetwood family is honoured to work and live in Yorkshire.

Stunning scenery that’s second to none

When it comes to areas of outstanding natural beauty, Yorkshire has it all. The magnificent Yorkshire Dales is home to some of the finest limestone scenery in Britain. Each dale has its own unique character, nestled amongst a backdrop of extensive moorlands, carpeted in wild heather.

Over the centuries, people and nature have worked in harmony, crafting an area of unique beauty, charm and character, the people of Yorkshire and its visitors are immensely proud of.

Right on our doorstep in Leeds and its vicinity there is pretty countryside to marvel. Being one of the greenest cities in Britain, Leeds City Council Parks and Countryside Services manage around 4,000 hectares of parks and green space, ensuring Leeds continues to provide visitors with well-maintained green space to take a break from the bustle of city life.

Yorkshire cuisine

From mouth-watering Yorkshire puddings accompanying a piping hot roast beef dinner, followed by a tasty stack of pikelets doused in blackcurrant sauce and topped with cream, concluded with scrumptious Wensleydale Cheese from the characterful Yorkshire village of Wensleydale that crumbles tantalisingly when you slice into it, Yorkshire cuisine is renowned around the world.

People travel far and wide to sample, experience and devour the unique taste of Yorkshire and dishes made from fine locally-sourced ingredients. Even born and bred Yorkshire folk never seem to tire of the unique flavour of Yorkshire cuisine.

Many of the ingredients used at Weetwood Hall’s newly-opened Convive Restaurant are locally-sourced. Our chefs recognise the unique flavour of Yorkshire’s produce and love for Yorkshire cuisine, and therefore endeavour to make locally-sourced, Yorkshire ingredients a key feature of the Convive menu!

Yorkshire breweries

As unique and distinct as Yorkshire food is, so is its beer! Yorkshire is home to historic and legendary breweries, producing literally hundreds of varieties of real ale, beer enthusiasts can drool over!

Some of the most renowned Yorkshire breweries, include the Black Sheep Brewery, Theakston Brewery, York Brewery, Leeds Brewery, Little Valley Brewery, and let’s not forget Timothy Taylors, hailed as a “quintessential Yorkshire brewery.”

Real ale pubs

Of course, all the distinct and flavoursome real ale produced in Yorkshire needs equally as charming and atmospheric venues to serve our unique beer. As there’s nothing Yorkshire folk love better than snuggling in front of a roaring fire in a cosy pub enjoying a pint of real Yorkshire ale! As we wrote in an earlier blog about the rise and popularity of craft beer, you can sample many a real ale, including deliciously distinct ales made by Elland Brewery and The Leeds Brewery from the cosy and intimate confines of our Stables Pub.

Friendly locals

The people of Yorkshire are well-known for being friendly, down-to-earth and honest, who welcome visitors with open arms. As Yorkshire Life writes in its ‘Seven Reasons Why I’m Proud to be from Yorkshire’ feature:

“Yorkshire is a friendly and honest place, there are not many towns you would find an honesty box these day.”

A great business ethic

Yorkshire is home to a thriving business scene, which is attracting a growing number of businesses, keen to take advantage of the unique opportunities on offer in major Yorkshire cities and towns, such as cheaper rates for commercial premises.

As Inspire2aspire notes:

“World leaders and economists are visiting Yorkshire to understand why it has become so much more successful over the last 20 years and is now an exemplar for how people want to live and work.”

Such a magnet for businesses, entrepreneurs and graduates has the city of Leeds become that it is labelled as being the biggest financial and business hub outside of London.

Having a seemingly unique ability to combine pulsating, business-driven cities with distinct countryside and quaint villages that seem to have stood still for centuries, whilst retaining a unique culinary and cultural identity, it is hardly surprising why the Weetwood ‘family’ are incredibly proud of Yorkshire.

If you want to sample real Yorkshire ale from the cosy confines of a characterful pub, why not head to our atmospheric Stables Pub?

Or to sample top-notch cuisine made from locally-sourced Yorkshire ingredients, come and wine, dine and relax in Weetwood Hall’s quality restaurants.

If you are exploring the unique countryside Yorkshire is blessed with or are on a business trip in Leeds and are looking for business accommodation in Yorkshire, book to stay at our fine country hotel on the outskirts of Leeds.











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