Why Leeds is a hub for charities and fundraising


In Leeds there’s over 1,500 registered charities. Boasting a vibrant business scene that’s brimming with innovative organisations and exciting events every day of the week, coupled with a lively community spirit, it’s hardly surprising many charities and fundraising groups decide to make Leeds their home. Weetwood Hall explores how and why Leeds is such an important hub for fundraising and charities.

Voluntary Action Leeds (VAL)

Leeds is geared towards helping charities develop and succeed. Much of the help provided to charities and voluntary organisations is delivered by Voluntary Action Leeds (VAL). VAL is a charity designed to provide support services and specialist advice to third sector organisations throughout the city of Leeds and its vicinity. VAL is dedicated to assisting charities in carrying out their work and ensuring they are sufficiently represented in work involving partnerships.

Voluntary Action Leeds runs the Doing Good Leeds website. Doing Good Leeds is also designed to help organisations which are neither public sector nor private sector and typically include voluntary and community organisations, charities, self-help and community groups, commonly referred to as third sector organisations. As the website states, Doing Good Leeds aims to inform and involve people about the most important issues affecting the third sector in Leeds.

Support to organisations

Doing Good Leeds provide a wealth of information and support aimed at helping those running a charity or voluntary group in Leeds with important aspects related to the likes of starting a charity, finance, funding and funding opportunities, governance, marketing and communications, monitoring and evaluation, people and employment, planning, and commissioning and contracting.

Charity networking events in Leeds

Leeds is a true networking city, which can be priceless in helping third sector organisations raise their public profile. Barely a day goes by in the bustling city of Leeds without some kind of networking event taking place. Being home to such a large number of charities and voluntary groups, Leeds has a vibrant charity networking scene, which helps charities network with like-minded people, raise the profile of their charity and ultimately help raise money for the cause.

Association and Charity events at Weetwood Hall

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