Why gift vouchers make a great gift

We all have far too much stuff, cluttering up our cupboards and every available inch of attic space. That’s why, when it comes to buying gifts for friends and loved ones, it might be a good idea to avoid giving just more ‘stuff’ and actually give something that will prove useful.

Instead of desperately hunting around for something to wrap up, which will only end up being neglected or re-gifted, why not give a gift voucher? It takes up no space, fits inside a card and is essentially ‘free’ money for the recipient to spend on whatever they want.   A voucher also takes the guess work out of present buying, so you no longer have to be a mind-reader to find the perfect present for someone special in your life.

The idea of giving gift vouchers as presents has suffered with something of an image problem in previous years, often being known as the last-minute gift of the unimaginative and the desperate. However, a gift voucher can actually be the perfect present, for one obvious (but often overlooked) reason – they give the person the chance to buy exactly what they want for themselves. Put yourself in the recipients’ place – wouldn’t you prefer to get something you’d actually use than another bubble bath gift set or pair of socks?

Vouchers for a specific occasion

Buying a gift voucher for a friend or loved one’s birthday is just that bit more special than sticking some cash inside a card. This is because a voucher is specific – for example, if you give Weetwood Hall gift vouchers, you are giving the gift of a discounted overnight stay, afternoon tea, delicious dinner or even a whole romantic weekend away. This is something the recipient may not buy for themselves, so it’s a really nice treat.

Another example is vouchers for special events in Leeds or other big cities, from theatre and dining to shopping trips and other experience days. You can also choose vouchers for the recipient’s favourite clothing, skincare or other brand. This one is a really good idea, as you may know what brands your friend likes but not the exact item – so they get to choose from a selection you already know they like.

From a gift-hunter’s perspective, gift vouchers also make life a little easier when it comes to finding that perfect present. You don’t have to spend hours trawling the shops or the internet, only to buy any old thing in last-minute desperation. Put all your effort into finding a fabulous card and something thoughtful to write in it, then pop in your gift vouchers. It’s as easy as that and your friend or family member will be delighted. They won’t just be getting more ‘stuff’ – they’ll be getting something really useful that allows them to get exactly what they want.

So, whether you’ve got a loved one’s birthday, anniversary, christening or other special celebration coming up – give gift vouchers some serious consideration.



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