Why charity events are important for businesses


There are many reasons why fundraising is good for business. Not only does it allow organisations to raise awareness of important issues and give charities a vital source of funding, but it also helps boost morale among staff, nurtures an invigorating environment of creativity, gives businesses the opportunity to raise money for charities close to their heart, as well as raising a company’s PR.

Weetwood Hall explores some of the reasons why it makes good business sense to embark on fundraising ventures and host charity events.

Choosing a charity that is close to your heart

Fundraising is a rewarding and fun thing to do. There are thousands of charities, which all do incredible jobs of supporting different causes, so which charity do you choose to raise funds for? Some of the most successful fundraising ventures involve businesses raising money for causes that are close to their heart and mean something to them, or a particular employee in the business, personally.

A member of staff or a member of their family may have suffered from an illness, or perhaps, following a televised appeal for the victims of a drought, the business as a whole feels collectively determined to raise money for the cause. Choosing a charity that means something to the business will help make the fundraising venture more personal, engaging and inspiring.

Boost staff wellbeing and morale

Carrying out charitable work and raising money for good causes can help create a stimulating and inspiring atmosphere in the office that’s great for team-building and bonding members of staff. Now’s the time to encourage employees to use their creativity and imagination to come up with fun, engaging and creative fundraising activities.

Not only will giving staff the opportunity to be as creative as possible generate a positive vibe in the office, but the very act of charitable engagement is proven to boost morale and wellbeing.

Studies repeatedly show that carrying out good deeds for others is, as Forbes writes, “good for the soul.”

Bring the community together

Charity events are a great way to bring communities together. Asking the whole of the community to be involved in the event, such as local schools, the town hall, and other local businesses, will unite a community and benefit everyone involved.

Build brand recognition and raise PR

Data collected by The Chronicle of Philanthropy found that in 2015, the top 20 most generous companies in the Fortune 500 donated $3.5 billion in cash donations to charities.

Organisations of all shapes and sizes have a moral duty to donate to charity, but companies that host their own charitable events, tend to reap greater rewards.

As well as raising funds for important causes and issues, organising fundraising events helps to build brand recognition and raise PR.

Arranging a charity event, heavily promoting the event and then reporting about it afterwards, is an effective way to build brand recognition. As Localist writes:

“Hosting events promotes your name and helps people connect with your brand.”

If you are hosting a charity event, promote the occasion via the likes of social media, blogging and other promotional methods, such as newspaper advertising. The more interest and awareness of the event there is, the more people it is likely to attract, and the bigger the number in attendance the more money the event will raise for the charity, and the greater the brand recognition.

During the event, be sure to take plenty of photos, videos and get feedback to publish on social media and through more traditional media forums, in order to bring attention to the event and the charity you are fundraising for.

Make connections

Another positive offshoot of arranging charity events and attending them, is that they provide you with a great opportunity to make connections. Both hosting and attending charity events allows you to engage with other people and you can make valuable business connections. If you are attending a charity event make sure you take your business card with you!

If holding a charitable event sounds like something you would like your business to be involved in, our 17th Manor House on the outskirts of Leeds in Headingley is the perfect spot to host a memorable and special charity event. Guests can travel to this convenient location with ease, and stay in Weetwood Hall’s stylish and comfortable hotel.

Our state-of-the-art conference facilities, ensures the likes of presentations can be conducted easily and in style at any charity event.

Weetwood Hall is also committed to enabling organisations to host cost-effective charity events, offering a profitable pricing structure, meaning you can raise as much money as possible for your charity of choice. Our charity event package includes free room hire, a delicious three-course meal made from the finest, locally-sourced ingredients, a drinks reception, and a quality raffle prize.

Glamorous events such as gala dinners and gala balls are another popular and effective way to raise money for charity. Weetwood Hall puts on the most memorable gala dinners and balls, where guests can enjoy first-rate cuisine, quality entertainment and the red-carpet treatment within the grand confines of our 17th century Manor House and its vast surrounding grounds.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of hosting a charity event at Weetwood Hall, get in touch with our sales team by emailing sales@weetwoodhall.co.uk or calling 0113 230 6000.



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