When wedding proposals go wrong


From arranging a mass singalong in Piccadilly Circus to taking out an advert in a local paper, the most romantic and heart melting of wedding proposals tend to be well-documented. But what about the proposals that go wrong?

Have a read of the following funniest wedding proposals that didn’t quite go according to plan.

The milkshake dilemma

One prankster boyfriend decided it would be romantic to pop an engagement ring in his girlfriend’s milkshake at a Wendy’s Restaurant of all places! Though things didn’t quite go plan when instead of finishing her milkshake and being face by a sparkling engagement ring, the poor girl swallowed the ring!

The basketball game proposal

One disillusioned guy was so convinced his girlfriend would agree to marry him that he didn’t think twice about popping the question in front of thousands of spectators during half-time at an NBA Basketball game.

As he stepped down on one knee his bewildered girlfriend hastily said no and then ran off the court.

The ‘fake’ ring joke

A fisherman took his girlfriend on a boat trip. When they were out in the lake, the boyfriend asks his girlfriend to video him doing a trick with his dogs, which were also on the boat. Though instead of performing a trick with the dogs, the man got on one knee pulled out an alleged diamond ring, which he deliberately dropped into the murky water. Fortunately it was a joke and the man peeled the real ring from his pocket and redid the proposal, and even more fortunately for him, his girlfriend agreed – we’re not quite so sure we’d be so accepting!

The ring is too small

From fake rings to rings that are too small! One Chinese marriage hopeful certainly learned the hard way when he arranged an elaborate wedding proposal, hiring a group of dancers at an event in Chengdu City, China. Whilst his girlfriend was touched by the elaborate proposal she turned the man down when she saw the ring and decided the diamond was too small!

The cinema hopeful

Cinemas are popular places for dates but not so popular as venues for proposals, at least for one unfortunate guy. The couple in question were in a busy cinema foyer in Lithuania when the boyfriend drops to one knee about to pop the question. Though before he’s had chance to speak the mortified girlfriend runs out of the cinema.

The Ellen Show wedding proposal blunder

One of the most well-known wedding proposals that went seriously wrong took place on the popular American chat show The Ellen Show. A fan of the show wrote to Ellen DeGeneres asking if he could propose to his girlfriend live on air. DeGeneres and the show’s producers jumped at the chance believing it would make great television. However, they weren’t expecting the not-so-good-television when his girlfriend said no on air!

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