When is the best time of day to have a business meeting?


When it comes to productivity, efficiency and alertness, time is of the essence. Therefore, the time of day in which a meeting is held can significantly impact the success and outcome of the meeting. Weetwood Hall looks at when is the best time of day to have a business meeting.

Breakfast meetings

Breakfast meetings are becoming increasingly popular within the corporate world, with good reason. As we wrote in an earlier blog, conducting meetings early in the day, before the ‘9 – 5’ slog begins, comes brings a multitude of benefits to businesses.

Generally speaking, people are less tired, more alert and more likely to pay greater attention at this time of the day.

As well as being a productive time to hold a meeting as participants are typically less tired and more enthusiastic, interactive and alert, for busy companies and professionals, attending a business meeting at breakfast doesn’t encroach on the rest of their working day.

Getting a meeting ‘done and dusted’ before the office doors even open can therefore make a lot of sense.

Mid-morning meetings

That said, there are some who simply aren’t ‘morning people’, and the prospect of having a meeting at the crack of dawn sounds ridiculous!

Conducting a mid-morning meeting will overcome the problem of sleepy colleagues being in attendance. Energy levels can be quite high during this part of the day, as we’ve yet to have dealt with too many tasks and our bodies aren’t having to deal with any post-meal sluggishness.

Mid-morning meetings can work well, but it is important to remember that they will disrupt a time of day when employees can be at their most productive and getting through their working tasks.

Lunchtime meetings

By contrast, lunchtime meetings don’t encroach on valuable staff time. Holding the meeting in a venue outside of the normal workplace, such as a restaurant, coffee shop or bar, can be stimulating and rewarding.

Conducting the meeting over food and drink can also help raise energy levels and ensure attendees are more receptive and alert. The relaxed environment of lunchtime meetings can be an ideal time to tackle key topics and issues. As Christine McDade, a Human Resources professional, writes in Hubpages:

“An otherwise mundane opportunity to meet could become an inspiring occasion to be creative and solve workplace issues. A lunch meeting is also a good way to meet with vendors and customers in a social setting to speak about business. These meetings provide a more relaxed setting to handle tough discussions about issues with services and products.”

Mid-afternoon meetings

With the post-lunchtime slump subsided – hopefully! – many businesses choose to conduct meetings during the mid-afternoon. In fact, according to a study carried out by WhenIsGood, it was determined that the best time to conduct a meeting was at 3pm on a Tuesday!

Of course, there are some who would disagree, claiming productivity, mental alertness and energy levels are not at their highest at 3pm in the afternoon. However, from a disruptiveness perspective, mid-afternoon meetings can be less disruptive in terms of taking people away from their daily duties, as they’ll have already have completed a lot of their working tasks.

As we can see, there are pros and cons of conducting meetings at each time of the day. When you choose to host a meeting is influenced by a number of factors, including productivity issues, employee preferences and quite simply, whenever the team has time.

Breakfast meetings at Weetwood Hall

If the invigorating prospect of conducting a meeting first thing during breakfast sounds appealing, and you’re looking for a venue for a breakfast meeting in Leeds, Weetwood Hall hosts breakfast meeting, designed to help companies ‘seal that important deal’ first thing.

Energise colleagues and guests with a lively breakfast meeting at Weetwood Hall.

Or if mid-morning, lunchtime or mid-afternoon sound a little more ‘civilised’, Weetwood Hall provides a great venue to hold productive, quality and successful daily meetings.

Get in touch with our events team to discuss all your daily meeting requirements in our state-of-the-art meeting room facilities.

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