What would you ideal meeting involve?

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Of course people’s perceptions of what would make the ideal meeting are likely to be different, with some prioritising an abundance of pastries and coffees over state-of-the-art facilities and innovative equipment. Nonetheless, there are certain features of meetings that we simply can’t do without. Providing one of the finest conference centres in Leeds and West Yorkshire, Weetwood Hall certainly knows and thing or two about what an ideal meeting should involve…

On-site refreshments and meals

Meetings can be pretty intense environments and in order to help presenters, hosts, participants and delegates stay focused and alert, regular breaks and refreshments are readily accessible at an ideal meeting.

Water, juice, tea and coffee, and nibbles to keep energy levels up should always feature at meetings. Better still, the ideal meeting will have a restaurant, bar, canteen or café on site that provides quality food in a convenient location.

Technical provisions and a technical team at the ready

Did you know that 25% of meeting have at least one mobile video participant on the call? Modern technology such as Wi-Fi, projectors, adaptors, laptops, mobile devices and other modern equipment are essential in order to cater for the evolving telecommunication demands of modern meetings.

The ideal meeting is certainly not conducive with technology failings, forcing embarrassing delays. Meeting venues that have an in-house technical team at the ready should any problems raise their head is definitely favourable in any meeting set up.

Free parking!

Turning up to a meeting late, sweaty and embarrassed because you couldn’t find anywhere to park and was forced to park a mile down the road and run to the venue, is nobody’s idea of the perfect meeting.

Meeting and conference centres have their own parking facilities are definitely favourable to venues that don’t provide anywhere for guests to park.

Location, location and location

They say location is one of the most important aspects of buying a house and the same can be said about a meeting room venue! The ideal meeting location would be in close proximity to major road networks, within easy access to public transport and easy to find. If there are people attending the meeting from overseas, the ideal meeting venue is situated not too far from an airport.

As well as being easily accessible via road, public transport or even aeroplane, the best meeting venues are locating in stylish and inspiring grounds, providing participants with a naturally motivating environment to help them get the most out of the meetings.


After a long and tiring meeting all we want to do is sit down to a hearty meal, relax and unwind with a drink or two then tumble into a comfortable bed. This is why for guests travelling to a meeting or conference, hotel conference centres that have accommodation as well as meeting room facilities can be the ideal venue for a convenient and effective meeting.


We have to admit that Weetwood Hall ticks all the boxes in what constitutes as the perfect meeting. Our 35 meeting and seminar rooms are well-facilitated with modern meeting technology, are comfortable and stylish and can be easily accessed by car, public transport and, for guests flying into the Leeds Bradford Airport, by aeroplane. Quality wining and dining is there for the taking in Weetwood Hall’s various dining venues. Free parking is available at Weetwood Hall’s beautifully landscaped gardens.

In short, if you’re looking to host the ideal meeting in West Yorkshire, Weetwood Hall should be your first point of call. Get in touch with Weetwood Hall today to see how our we can help you host the ideal meeting in the heart of West Yorkshire.


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