Weetwood roars with pride


Weetwood Hall adopts a pride of lions at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Weetwood Hall, has recently adopted a pride of lions at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Pride leader Johnny Junior, is one of the youngest lions at the Wildlife Park, followed by the rest of the magnificent female lionesses that live with Johnny: Frieda, Crystal, Julie and Carla.
The decision to adopt a pride of lions comes about as the logo of Weetwood Hall is taken from a cartouche which can be found on the ornate plasterwork ceiling in the 17th Century Manor House of Weetwood Hall.

Peter Chubb, General Manager at Weetwood Hall says: “We aim to be leaders in the conference and meetings industry and we certainly take great pride as an award winning venue in what we have achieved and continually aspire to accomplish.

Also, as part of our work in the community we are delighted to have adopted a pride of lions at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. I am thrilled that the park has given Weetwood Hall the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful way and we look forward to developing this relationship.”

Cheryl Williams Chief Executive at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, says: “The lions are an iconic part of the Yorkshire Wildlife Park and we are fascinated to hear of the links with the lions at Weetwood Hall, we are delighted that they are adopting Johnny Junior and his pride. We work hard to promote tourism across Yorkshire, by working with partners such as Weetwood Hall, and we look forward to welcoming guests to Lion Country in the future.”

Perfect for a family day out, the Yorkshire Wildlife Park is a top regional attraction with over 300 animals and 80 different species, for you to visit. Yorkshire Wildlife Park can also make your day extra special on request, with a Ranger for the day or even a VIP tour.

Guests, who stay at Weetwood Hall, will have the opportunity to experience the exciting adventures of the Lion Country, along with the rest of the Wildlife Park, with discounted entry rates.

So go and visit Weetwood Hall’s pride of lions at Yorkshire’s Wildlife Park, and jump out with the most memorable visit ever!

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