Weetwood Hall acknowledges 100th anniversary of the outbreak of war

Weetwood Hall Conference Centre & Hotel, Leeds, is launching its First World War, In retrospect, Conference from 28th July 2014 to 1st August 2014. This is to aknowledge the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War.

The five day conference will cater for residential and non-residential participation, with all accommodation, catering and events included in the conference programme.

The conference sits under Inspirational Conventions & Events – an innovative approach  which Weetwood Hall is taking within its conferencing sector.

The conference has been planned by Dr Peter Liddle, Conference Director and Colonel Alan Roberts, Military Consultant for like-minded enthusiasts and experts to listen, reflect, network and acquire a fresh perspective.

All this and more is to be brought to the delegates at this imaginative conference by a team of talented men and women accustomed to sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm with audiences from a wide-ranging interest in the First World War.

Peter Chubb, Development Director  for Weetwood Hall says: “I am inspired by what we have achieved in the researching and organising of the extensive programme, quality speakers and events for our 2014 First World War Conference. Working with Dr Liddle and Colonel Roberts has been a most enjoyable  experience.”

The 2014 conference will be the first in a series of annual conferences based upon the First World War to be hosted at Weetwood Hall through to 2018.


For PR enquiries and images please contact: shadi.shadlou@weetwoodco.uk/ 0113 388 5659 or if you have any enquiries on Inspirational Conventions & Events  or the First World War Conference, please contact Peter Chubb, Development Director: peter.chubb@weetwood.co.uk

For more information on the First World War, please visit: www.weetwood.co.uk/firstworldwar


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  1. To remember with understanding should be at the heart of any commemorative consideration of such a centenary as the outbreak of the First World War. In such a spirit has an exceptionally imaginative conference been prepared for July 2014 at Weetwood Hall, Leeds. It is designed to be the first in a series. Outstanding speakers, challenging topics of wide appeal, fascinating excursions, related activities and high class accommodation, offer a treat for anyone with an unfulfilled appetite for insight into the limitless significance of the years of the First World War.

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