Weetwood Gets The Green Light

In recent years the focus on environmental sustainability has increased with new figures released by the government and targets set in place regarding carbon emissions. Therefore the need for businesses to focus more on being environmentally friendly has never been so strong.

Weetwood Hall Conference Centre and Hotel makes every endeavour to promote a continued positive culture of environmental and sustainable awareness within the organisation. Becoming a member of the Green Tourism Business Scheme in March 2011, Weetwood received a silver award accreditation for its efforts in environmental sustainability.

Benefits of being a member of the Green Tourism Business Scheme not only include benefits for the business such as: reducing congestion and pollution, improving the public issues of our establishment, reduced wastage and to improve the quality of the service that we provide. But as a result of this, Weetwood Hall Ltd has benefited the local community externally and is supporting the local economy in various different ways such as sourcing the majority of its produce locally.

With this in mind Weetwood Hall’s Staff Consultative Committee (SCC) have compiled a ‘Green Team’ with the objective of promoting environmental and sustainable awareness and monitoring the work practices undertaken so as to enable a positive impact towards such issues.

Rachel Rostron, member of the Weetwood Hall’s Green Team says “We are happy with the progress that the Green Team have made in creating environmental awareness within the organisation. Our aim is to continue this success throughout.”

Weetwood Hall Ltd saw a 14.4% decrease in water usage since last year. Carbon emissions fell by 6% from last year and 642 M Sq. (38.25%) of general waste was recycled (Weetwood Hall Environmental & Sustainability Review, Summer 2012)

Written by Rob May

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