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With trends constantly changing, planning a wedding can be a tad tricky, particularly if you want it brimming with up-to-the-minute styles. If you are planning a wedding for this year and are determined it oozes with contemporary appeal then you’re in the right place, as Weetwood Hall explores some of the top wedding trends for 2016.

Bring out the bohemian in you

If you yearn for a bohemian-style wedding that’s brimming with earthy textures, a laid-back atmosphere, soft palettes and with nature at its core, then good news, boho weddings are all the rage in 2016.

Think daisy headbands, softly-curled hair, welcoming simplicity and organic textures, and you’ll be well on your way to some memorable bohemian inspiration on your wedding day.

Make it personal

‘Personalisation’ is wedding buzzword for 2016, with couples tying the knot declaring their love for one another through personalised décor and themes. Whether it’s drink mats with the bride and groom’s name emblazoned across them, or monogrammed dance floors and menus, ensure your special day is as unique as you are by throwing some trendy personalisation into the mix.

The ‘unconventional’

When it comes to preparing for one of the biggest days of your life, who wants to conform to normality? If you hanker for a less ‘conventional’ wedding that is stamped with your unique personality and taste, then you’re certainly getting married in the right year!

From DIY aisle runners to installing a bouncy castle at the reception venue, there is plenty to do to make your wedding stand out and be deemed as ‘unconventional’ this year.

Why not opt for an unconventional wedding dress? 2016 is brimming with uniquely-styled wedding gowns. From above-the-knee hemlines to one shoulder gowns, take a look at some of the fabulous less conventional wedding gowns that are rocking the world of wedding fashion in 2016.

Bring out the bling (but not too much!)

There’s nothing quite like a bit of bling to jazz up a wedding, after all if you can’t go ultra-glam on your wedding day, when can you?

The trick is not to go overboard on bling? For example, you might opt for a stunning wedding dress that radiates boho simplicity but you could jazz it up a bit by wearing a glitzy headpiece or a glittering pair of shoes.

Make it metallic

Talking about glimmer, metallic is another ‘must have’ wedding trend for 2016. As Hitched notes in its ‘2016 Wedding Trends’ blog:

“Metallic is set to be huge for 2016, as are sparkles.”

Why not accompany your metallic-toned wedding backdrop with some elaborate ruffles for a real dramatic, flamenco-inspired feel, which another top wedding trend for 2016?

Don’t scrimp on floral displays

If it’s good enough for Kim Kardashian and Kayne West, who crafted the show-stopping glamour they are renowned for into their wedding by having a flower wall installed at the venue, it’s good enough for you!

‘High floral installations’ that exudes colour, greenery and nature at its finest, are all the rage for weddings taking place this year.

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