Ways to ensure December is a more productive month at work


December. It’s busy, it’s exciting, but is it productive at work? With staff taking holidays, office parties to be had and shopping to be done, it’s quite easy for our daily working tasks to fall along the wayside during the advent month. The good news is, with a little know-how, determination and self-control, December can be a more productive month, as Weetwood Hall explains…

Set December deadlines early

With public holidays coming up and Christmas week being a wipe out, it makes sense to get tasks complete and deadlines met before offices shut down for Christmas. The earlier you set deadlines and tasks to be completed in December the better, as leaving it to the last minute, can mean tasks are unable to get completed before Christmas week.

It therefore might be a good idea to hold a team meeting in early December to discuss the month’s priorities and assign certain tasks to team members to be completed before they leave for the Christmas break.

Staff incentives

With so much to be side-tracked by, it’s easy for workforces to be a little less productive and enthusiastic about their work during the weeks leading up to Christmas and New Year. One way to incentivise a giddy and unproductive workforce is to offer staff incentives. For example, for sales teams, encourage them to meet and even exceed their targets during December by offering tantalising staff incentives. Who could resist battling it out on the sales December topping chart for a day at a spa or, for cash-strapped teams, a chocolate collection box!

Hold meetings away from the office

Meetings can help motivate staff, regardless of whether it’s December, July, or any month of the year. Of course, some meetings are more motivating than others and in December you may have to work harder at hosting a motivating meeting! As well as adding some spice to a meeting in Leeds or elsewhere by encouraging participant collaboration and providing refreshing nibbles and drinks, think about holding the meeting away from the usual business premises.

Holding a meeting at a new venue, particularly one that offers great meeting facilities and is set within an inspiring environment, can help stimulate and motivate team members during this traditionally unproductive month.

Keep the office warm

In December temperatures rarely reach double figures, at least not here in Britain! According to a study compiled by Cornell University, when the thermostat is set below 68 degrees, a whopping 44 percent more errors occur.

Reduce the chance of having cold-induced errors made during December by cranking up the office thermostat.

Think about having your office party in January

While every company needs a good old office knees up to celebrate Christmas and everything they have achieved over the course of the year, we can’t deny that the annual office party can be disrupting and does little in your quest to boost productivity levels in December.

Waiting until the New Year to have the Christmas office party when companies have more time, can make sense. With less going on, company parties that take place after the Christmas break can often be more appreciated.

If you’re a business in Leeds or are coming to Leeds on business and require a venue to host a meeting in December, Weetwood Hall provides a well-facilitated, stylish and ideally-located meeting venue on the outskirts of Leeds. Get in touch with our events team to discuss your meetings at Weetwood Hall requirements and put your business on the road to a more productive December.

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