Use the power of social media to promote an event


Social media has evolved from a fun platform for friends to catch up and stay in touch to a vital marketing tool for businesses of all sizes and industries around the world. In fact, such is the ubiquitous corporate power of social media that any event that is not in the social media limelight will almost inevitably miss out.

If you’re organising an up-and-coming event and are wanting to give it the promotion it deserves, take a look at the following ways to exploit the power of social media to promote your event.

Free ticket giveaways!

Nobody can resist giveaways, especially when they’re heavily promoted as the ‘best giveaway of the year’ on social media.

Contests and free prizes are a great way to generate a buzz about an event.

In fact, offering prizes and rewards is an extremely effective promotional tool on social media, with many of the world’s biggest brands tapping into the power of offering ‘freebies’ on social platforms.

For example, Corona Light came up with an innovative way to generate more brand interest and likes on Facebook and to ultimately become the “most liked beer in America.” Corona Light put the faces of each of its Facebook fans on a billboard in Times Square. Once Corona Light enthusiasts liked the Corona Light page, its photo uploading app was activated. Fans could then upload their photo to the app and Corona Light would place it on their billboard in Times Square and then post it back to the Facebook page for fans to share. Needless to say, the innovative ‘freebie’ generated the buzz and promotion Corona Light was looking for.

Make a video of your event

Whilst the likes of Facebook and Twitter regularly top the most popular social media site lists, a consistent contender that never fails to challenge the top runners, is YouTube. And when it comes to online video property, YouTube irrefutably dominates.

Creating a video of your forthcoming event and posting it on the likes of YouTube and Vimeo will help the event reach a larger audience. Ensure the video focuses on the value for attendees, for example, why they should attend the event, what’s in it for them, and what will they get out of it?

Don’t be afraid to post the video on your Facebook page as well, which will help maximise the exposure of the event.

Create an exciting hashtag

It might sound obvious but don’t forget to create a hashtag for your event, and the more exciting and innovative the better.

When thinking of a specialised hashtag, keep in concise, unique and of course relevant.

As notes on its social media promotion tips blog:

“A specialised hashtag for your event can enhance social buzz, increase participation and even boost attendance.”

Put your speakers into graphics

Put the speakers and presenters at your event on the pedestal they deserve by posting graphics promoting the presenters on the social media channels. Make a poster-like graphic with the name and picture of the speaker, as well as their specialist subject and the time they will be presenting.

Touches like these will not only rouse interest in your event, but they are likely to flatter your presenters and encourage them to share the graphics on their social platforms, exposing your event to an even wider audience.

Always follow back

Keep track on those who are liking, mentioning and sharing your event on social media by following them back and engaging in some kind of two-way communication. If you actively show your appreciation for the like, follow and mention, your fans and followers are more likely to maintain an enthusiasm for your event and keep spreading the word.

Get feedback

After the event get in touch with fans and followers for feedback on how the event went. Put a post on your social channels, asking for their opinions and feedback as this will mean they are more likely to share their positive experiences of the event within their own social media circles and show equal enthusiasm for other events you might host in the future.

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