Unmissable summer 2017 wedding trends


You’re getting married this summer, congratulations! As one of the biggest days of your life edges closer, you’re pawing the wedding magazines and browsing wedding sites with fervour, to ensure you’re up-to-date with the latest and greatest summer wedding trends. Well search no more, as Weetwood Hall has done the hard work for you – identified the following unmissable wedding trends for a ceremony to ticks all the ‘on trend’ boxes this summer.

Colour comebacks!

All-white weddings might be timeless, elegant and irrefutably beautiful, but splashes of colour are making a comeback in weddings taking place this summer. From bouquets of boldly-coloured flowers sprinkled throughout a wedding venue, to the bride and bridesmaids causing a stir by boasting vividly-toned bridalwear, colour is a craze the trendiest of couples should be well aware of when tying the knot this summer.

Some of the biggest colours making a splash in weddings this summer are kale green, sage, copper and white, a colour that could never outdate a wedding.

Botanical weddings featuring abundant greenery

Vibrant, fresh and utterly in-keeping with the flourishing vitality of the summer, botanical weddings are an increasingly popular theme for marrying couples who want to be at one with nature.

Part of the rise in popularity of botanical weddings is owed to Pantone’s colour of the year being ‘Greenery’.

Botanical weddings are centred on the lush natural splendour of greenery, combining the beauty of trees, plant life and vegetation, with vivid colours schemes of pinks, golds and whites, to craft an ambience of romance, luxury and inspiration.

Botanical weddings make the most of the natural beauty of the great outdoors, typically taking place in picturesque settings, surrounded by a vista of vibrant greenery and flourishing floral life.

Set within nine acres of verdant lawns and flourishing woodland, Weetwood Hall’s 17th Century Manor House provides the perfect backdrop for a memorable and magical botanical wedding in Leeds. Weetwood Hall proudly maintains its extensive gardens, which do weddings with a botanical flavour the justice they deserve.

Imagine the photographs of your big day, the beauty of your stunning wedding attire, the cake, the bridesmaids and your botanical theme set amidst the grandeur of our impressive, emerald grounds?

Virtual wedding planning

Take the stress and pressure off planning the wedding yourself by hiring a virtual wedding planner, a trend that’s escalating in popularity and prestige.

As technology gets smarter, so too has the wedding planning industry. Often arduous and time-consuming wedding planning tasks can now be carried out virtually, with greater convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Virtual wedding planners take care of time-consuming tasks from remote locations, such as organising arrangements with the florist, meeting with the caterer, personalising style preferences and other essential wedding preparations.

Without having to physically meet the likes of florists, caterers and stylists, until the big day arrives, virtual wedding planners mean you can concentrate on feeling relaxed for your big day and looking your best.

Wedding hashtags

Wedding hashtags are gaining popularity on social media channels throughout the world, as more and more people head to the likes of Twitter and Instagram and get creative with hashtags to garner greater interest and excitement and provide information about their forthcoming wedding.

Personalising wedding hashtags ensures the hashtag is unique to the couple getting married and the guests who are attending the big day.

For a more generic wedding hashtag, #HappilyEverHashtagged has a great #RingToIT (excuse the pun!).

Creative wedding ice breakers

You might know all the guests coming to your wedding this summer, but Sam Brown on table five might not know Sally Smith on the same table?

Wedding ice breakers is another feature of modern weddings becoming increasingly popular. Help your guests become friends fast by introducing some clever conversation starters at the wedding.

One creative wedding icebreaker would be to ask guests to bring a photograph of themselves when they were a baby. The photos then get passed around each wedding table and the guests have to guess which photo belongs to who – a guaranteed conversation starter!

Eco-friendly wedding flavours

As we all become more environmentally conscious, more and more couples are implementing eco-friendly elements into their wedding, and none more so than in weddings this summer.

From green wedding confetti that’s in-keeping with the freshness of the summer season and is entirely water soluble and biodegradable, to eco-friendly wedding invitations and stationery made from recycled materials, crafting sustainable features into your 2017 wedding will not only help reduce the carbon footprint of your big day, but it will also ensure you’re a truly hip, environmentally-astute couple.

If you’re looking for a stunning wedding hotel in Yorkshire to host a memorable and inspiring wedding this summer, look no further than Weetwood Hall. Our utterly impressive 17th century Manor House set amongst the verdant splendour of nine acres of beautifully landscaped gardens and thriving woodland, provides the perfect spot to tie the knot in the summer.

To learn more about our high-quality wedding accommodation and the possibility of hosting a summer wedding at our beautiful wedding venue hall, get in touch with Weetwood Hall’s experienced and friendly wedding team today.

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