Top 10 wedding venue bloggers

The first step in any wedding preparation is finding the ideal venue, but where do you start? Let’s turn to the internet for advice and inspiration, with our list of the top 10 wedding venue bloggers:


  1. Wedding Dates. From advice about footwear for fellas to the best wedding apps and technology, Wedding Dates is a fun, interesting and popular wedding venue blog. Whatever your wedding niggle is, no matter how bizarre or quirky, at Wedding Dates you’ll find the answers.
  2. The Utter Blog. This cute and quirky blog tops our list of the top wedding bloggers and blogs not only because of its down-to-earth advice on finding your perfect venue, but also for another reason. The people behind Utter also run Utterly Wow’s The Venue Hunt, a wedding venue finder service (for which they do charge a fee) which could make tracking down that picture perfect destination much easier on stressed-out couples.
  3. OMG I’m Getting Married. This blog has fun, style and amazing inspiration in spades, along with galleries packed full of wedding venue inspiration. Each features gives you the complete lowdown on each venue, with gorgeous pictures and info on some of the most fabulous country house and hotel wedding venues in the UK. If you haven’t started your search and you need some inspiration, head over to OMG and indulge in wedding planning bliss.
  4. Love My Dress. This popular blog may be quite fashion-focused, but it also has a lot of tremendously helpful advice for those on the hunt for a venue as part of its Good Guide to Wedding Venues series. The wedding bloggers on this gorgeously designed site are experts at matching couples to their ideal venues, and have lots of practical advice to help you narrow down your search.
  5. Bridal Musings. This is a truly gorgeous blog, and its tips on the great wedding venue hunt are not to be missed. Just don’t get distracted by all the other delights on offer!
  6. English Wedding. This blog has a fantastic guide to finding the perfect wedding venue in the UK, with advice on what questions to ask both yourself and the venue, as well as handy checklists and invaluable tips.
  7. Brides Up North. For anyone planning weddings in Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool or any other destination in the north of England, this well-designed blog will be your new bible. It offers everything the northern bride needs to get hitched in style, not to mention an invaluable directory of fantastic northern castles, country houses and hotel wedding venues.
  8. Festival Brides.While many brides have their hearts set on a hotel wedding venue, not everyone wants to take this route. For those who favour fresh air, freedom and a festival feel to their big day, the Festival Brides blog has all the inspiration and info you need to track down the perfect location for your bohemian celebration.
  9. You & Your Wedding. This is one of the most popular wedding websites for UK couples, and it’s easy to see why. Along with advice on everything else you’ll need to plan your big day, it’s countdown of the Top 100 Wedding Venues is well worth a look – it could even contain your dream destination.
  10. B Loved. This ‘Luxe & Lovely’ blog, as it describes itself, recently won the Editor’s Pick prize from Wedding Magazine’s annual Wedding Blog Awards. Huge, gorgeous photos of classic wedding venues, a fabulous design and lots of practical advice and insight from a blogger who is actually planning their own wedding – B Loved is definitely worth a look before settling on a venue.

If you’re planning to get married in Leeds, Weetwood Hall is one of the most popular hotel wedding venues in the area.




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