The rise of the breakfast meeting: 8 business benefits of breakfast meetings


Breakfast meetings are all the rage these days. Business leaders have clocked on to the value of early meetings scheduled before work, sealing business deals and developing relationships before the office has even opened.

Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian swears by them, using breakfast meetings to get to know his customers better, without interrupting their working day.

Breakfast meetings make complete sense for busy working professionals with hectic schedules, as they don’t use up valuable working time. For the commercially savvy business leader, these early morning meetings can also be considerably more cost-effective than an expensive business lunch.

We host a lot of breakfast meetings at Weetwood Hall, and have noticed a rise in their popularity, particularly among our business and conference centre customers.

So in this week’s blog post we’re exploring the phenomenal rise of the breakfast meeting and looking at the different ways they can help your business and improve your meeting outcomes.

 (1) Increased productivity

According to a survey related to the surge in demand for breakfast meetings published in The Telegraph, breakfast meetings are more productive than lunches in the business world. As people are generally more alert in the morning, a morning meeting agenda can be worked through more quickly, saving valuable time.

(2) Better meeting outcomes

The study also found that people tend to pay greater attention first thing in the morning, meaning morning meetings are believed to have more positive outcomes than meetings held later on in the day.

(3) Easier to fit into the diary

The poll carried out as part of the research surveyed 3,000 workers and found that 42% of them regularly attend business breakfast meetings with 36% claiming it is easier to pin a person down first thing in the morning.

(4) Breakfast meetings are popular and often preferable

Referring to the study, Kevin Hydes of Costa Coffee told The Telegraph there has been a significant increase in the amount of breakfast business get-togethers taking place at Costa Coffee.

“The study has proved what we have been noticing in our own stores, that breakfast business meetings are becoming more and more popular.” For busy professionals, meetings that don’t interrupt their working day can be preferable to meetings during the working day.

(5) Enthusiastic participants

Hydes goes on to highlight that people tend to be much more alert after they’ve had a good night’s sleep, a good breakfast and a great cup of coffee, “so not only are people more likely to pay attention, but they are likely to be more enthusiastic about what is being discussed.”

(6) Increased staff morale

It’s long been established that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and without it we can suffer from burn-out well before lunchtime! Breakfast meetings, by their very nature, encourage staff to have a decent breakfast and an uplifting hot drink. By bringing employees together in a more informal setting and encouraging them to have a good breakfast, can go a long way in boosting staff morale.

(7) More group participation

Research has also proven that people tend to be at their most relaxed in the morning as they have not yet experienced the problems or stresses of the day. As well as helping boost staff morale, all of these positive components help to encourage group interactions and start conversations naturally.

(8) They allow natural professional relationships to develop

The informal and relaxed style of a breakfast meeting setting helps business relationships blossom, making them great for networking.

Attending a networking event helps to raise a business’s profile and ultimately increase sales by developing relationships with other businesses and professionals. Being conducted in friendly yet professional environment, with a structured yet relaxed approach, breakfast networking meetings offer the ideal opportunities to effectively reap the benefits networking events offer, without compromising ‘work time’.

If you’re looking for somewhere in Leeds to energise colleagues with a lively and effective breakfast meeting, then look no further than Weetwood Hall. Our stylish, conveniently-located and well-facilitated conference centre, hosts productive, rewarding and healthy business meetings.

Our business meeting menus have a choice of continental or cooked Yorkshire breakfasts, comprising of mouth-watering and healthy local ingredients. Get in touch with the Weetwood Hall team today to discuss all your breakfast meeting requirement in Leeds. 


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