The rise and popularity of the craft beers


Craft beer, offering diverse flavour, bursting with taste and surprise, has been taking the world of pubs, bars and drinking by storm in recent years. Mundane and monotonous tastes of old are being replaced by beer of hugely varying flavours, colours and volumes, and beer drinkers of all ages and tastes are lapping up the rise of these golden, full-bodied and refreshing drinks.

The rise of craft beers in Britain has been pinned on the actions of the former chancellor, Gordon Brown. In 2002 Brown introduced a Progressive Beer Duty, providing tax breaks to brewers which kept below a certain size. Henceforth the micro-brewery surged in Britain, and has never looked back.

Inspired by the taste of beer from around the world, Britain’s escalating micro-brewery scene is not afraid to experiment and innovate, and punters are embracing these new and interesting flavours.

Julian Grocock, chief executive at the Society of Independent Brewers, relates the rise in craft beers to the actions of Gordon Brown, telling Short List:

“The choice, variety, creativity, innovation and proliferation of styles we’re now enjoying can be traced back to that single fiscal measure.”

Research shows that between 2015 and 2016 the number of UK breweries has increased by 8% to approximately 1,700, as craft beers’ popularity continues to escalate.

As James Simmonds, of the accountancy group UHY Hacker Young, told The Guardian:

“Craft beer is leading the way in the surging popularity of artisan products and has pushed aside other brands in high street bars. Many are now firmly established household names.”

Craft beer in Yorkshire

Yorkshire has undoubtedly been keeping pace with the rise in demand for interesting craft beers, with independent breweries making their mark on a county that certainly knows a thing or two about beer!

Elland Brewery is an example of an independent, traditional micro-brewery, serving high-quality Yorkshire ales and craft beers. Founded in 2002, Elland Brewery sells a core range of cask, keg and bottled beer, as well as selection of delicious seasonal beers.

The Leeds Brewery is another fine example of an independent brewery in Yorkshire. The Leeds Brewery team craft all its products by hand, using only the finest of ingredients to produce a diverse range of keg, cask ad bottled beer.

Located in Masham, Black Sheep Brewery is a brewery in Yorkshire renowned for its much-loved cask, keg and bottled beers, alongside a constant flow of fresh and experimental beers.

The Ilkley Brewery is a multi-award winning craft brewery situated in town of Ilkley, Yorkshire. The brewery was founded in 2009 and is centred on an uncompromising mission to “brew innovative beers.”

Weetwood Hall prides itself in providing food and drink made and sourced with local, Yorkshire ingredients and by local Yorkshire suppliers, and none more so than in our Stables Pub.

Our cosy and intimate Stables Pub serves delicious craft beer made from local Yorkshire breweries, such as The Leeds Brewery and Elland Brewery.

If you fancy trying an interesting craft beer or perhaps an award-winning Cask Marque real ale in the cosy confines of the original stable from our 17th century Manor House, head down to Weetwood Hall’s Stables Pub and enjoy a pint of delicious craft beer, brewed and bred here in Yorkshire.

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