Planning a summer wedding in Yorkshire? How to be prepared in case it rains


Summer is a popular season to get married. Yorkshire is a popular county to get married in. But what happens if the heavens open and it rains? From bridal boots to having umbrellas at the ready, take a look at how to prepare properly for a summer wedding in Yorkshire.

Have a Plan B

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding it could be wise to have a Plan B in place that involves some kind of shelter. That might include putting a large marquee up at an outdoor ceremony in case it rains, or having the option to move indoors at the wedding reception.

Be decisive

It’s important to be decisive and to not dwell on what to do. Decide early on what the course of action is going to be, whether you move inside or stick it out in the rain, keep to your plan.

Wellies and umbrellas

The prospect of being stood in a field of mud in a pair of wellies holding an umbrella on your wedding day might not fill you with joy. But the prospect of being stood in your wedding dress without an umbrella to keep you dry or a pair of wellies to keep the rain and mud of your dress would be even less favourable.

The good news is there is a whole host of fab and funky umbrellas and wellies on the market designed specifically for weddings and brides.

Make the most of the wedding photographs

A professional wedding photographer will have plenty of experience taking photos at rainy weddings, and a good photographer will use the photos to their advantage. For example, what could be more romantic than a photo of the bride and groom kissing with the raindrops being cleverly edited to look like hundreds of diamonds falling from the sky?

When planning a summer wedding it might be a good idea to ask the photographer whether he/she has experience taking wedding photos in the rain!

Wear waterproof mascara

Mascara running down the cheeks of the bride and bridesmaids is hardly conducive with the glamour and glitz you’ve always dreamt of on your wedding day.

Make sure cheeks aren’t stained with makeup in the wake of a downpour by wearing waterproof makeup!

Keep glued to the weather forecast

Whilst the forecasters can and do get their predictions wrong, it’s a good idea to keep a close eye on the weather to help ensure you’re prepared for the likeliest weather outcome. If rain is forecast, it might be a good idea to contact your guests to inform that rain is expected so they too can come prepared!

As writes, the most important thing to do if it does rain on your wedding day, despite being a summer wedding, is to remain positive, after all, it’s only rain!

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