Nine ideas for running a sustainable meeting

green meeting

When it comes to conferences and meetings, Weetwood Hall has an ethos, to “leave a lasting impression on guests, not the environment.” As Meeting Makes rightly notes, “being green is no longer an afterthought” for businesses.

The savviest, most responsible and credible of businesses are dedicated to delivering environmentally friendly policies and principles. Weetwood Hall, advocates of creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly hotel and conference venue, provides nine ideas for running a sustainable meeting.

  • Choose a meeting venue with accommodation

If your meeting spans more than one day, why not choose a venue that offers accommodation as well as conference facilities? This way, travel between the days won’t be required, thus reducing the amount of carbon emissions being emitted into the atmosphere through transport.

2- Transportation

Choosing a meeting venue that is easy to access via public transport is another way to help ensure the meeting adheres to greener principles. When informing attendees of the meeting, encourage them to travel together in one car instead of bringing several, which again, would help reduce the carbon footprint of the meeting.

3- Present digitally

In today’s digital age, there’s numerous ways to present data and information without relying on paper. To help ensure your meeting is kinder on the environment, use electronic and digital means of delivering material instead of paper.

4- Eco-friendly stationery

If your meeting does require paper, providing recycled paper for flip charts, eco-friendly pens to write with and other green stationery, is an easy way for businesses to reach their goals of delivering eco-friendly meetings and ultimately helping to preserve our fragile planet for future generations.

5- A recycling station

Getting through a significant amount of paper is a fairly common trait of many meetings. Having a recycling station present in the meeting room is an effective way to encourage recycling and consequently a sustainable meeting ethos.

6- Refillable glass water bottles

Instead of getting through umpteen plastic water bottles during a meeting, provide glass water bottles, which are refillable, to help presenters and meeting attendees stay refreshed and focused. These refillable water bottles will reduce waste, a key aim of green practices.

7- Have a ‘Fair Trade’ coffee station

Weetwood Hall is proud to have Fair Trade coffee stations within our conference facilities. Fair Trade is committed to delivering trade through better prices, decent working conditions and a fairer deal for farmers and workers in developing countries, all of which are vitally important for businesses striving to run more sustainable and fairer working practices.

8- Minimising carbon footprints through locally sourced food

Weetwood Hall is proud to admit that the ingredients we use in our cooking is sourced locally. To help reduce the carbon footprint of your business meetings, use locally sourced food and ingredients, thereby reducing the miles required to have the food delivered and therefore the meeting’s carbon footprint.

9- Eco-friendly crockery

Of course meeting attendees are going to require crockery to eat the locally-sourced food from! Having eco-friendly crockery that is made from renewable, natural resources is another effective strategy for successful delivering a sustainable meeting.

If you are looking for a sustainable meeting venue in Leeds, take a look at our sustainable conference centre and sustainable hotel in Headingley on the outskirts of Leeds. Our meeting venue ticks all of the above boxes and maintains our ethos to be a sustainable hotel and conference centre that encourages businesses and guests to observe green practices too.

Get in touch with our conference centre team today to discuss all your sustainable meeting requirements in Leeds.


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