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Rob at his graduationLike me, many of you have reached the point in your life where you have recently graduated and are looking at various options open to you. You may have decided to go travelling, or want to use your degree and go straight into the world of work.

With the job climate as it is at the moment, there  is around two hundred graduates applying for each job vacancy advertised. How do you really stand out from the competition? And do you really want to put off applying for jobs for another year? Well I asked myself these very same questions three months ago, and decided to use the contacts I had collected through networking in my final year at university, to see if there were any internships available to gain some career specific work experience to add to my CV.

After numerous enquiries, I was finally offered a work placement with Weetwood Hall Conference Centre & Hotel in their Marketing department and through this, I had the opportunity to network with an outside company called ‘Business Network International’ (BNI). BNI is an organisation specialising in networking opportunities and business referrals. So far I have attended a few conferences held by them and have added to my list of career contacts. I personally think that networking is the key to land yourself a job after university, whatever career you decide to go into.

Here are some professional tips from BNI’s Area Director, Rick Armstrong:

  • Before you go out to get what you want, you should really know what you want? Do you want to stay in further education or do you want to work? Make a plan and then go for it!
  • SME’s (Small & Medium Enterprises) are the biggest employers in the UK & Ireland. You may want to research into some companies before you approach them. Be pro-active, 90% of success rates result from being prepared. You need to make yourself known. The more attractive you are to people, the more attracted people are to you, it’s so important to build a professional relationship with most of your contacts, whether this is through networking or not.
  • The fastest way to build quality relationships is to look for ways in which you can help them, i.e. work placements. People are more likely to help you progress through your career, if you have helped them.
  • Your self image and how you portray yourself is important. Be passionate about everything you do. How much confidence does your self image project? A positive attitude breeds positive results.

Weetwood Hall Conference Centre & Hotel welcome all individuals who are interested in career based work placements within this industry.

I wish you all the success at finding your perfect job.

Rob May

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