How to run a successful meeting

If you’ve ever been in charge of organising, coordinating or leading a meeting, you’ll know that they can be far from simple. Not only do you need to handle the logistics of the event – choosing a venue, getting everyone there and communicating all the information delegates will need – but you also need to ensure that you get the very most from every minute of your time.

Here are some useful tips for organising a meeting that runs smoothly and is as productive and efficient as possible:

  • Choose a central, convenient, well-connected location. These are the three things you should be thinking of when choosing a venue for your meeting, especially if you’ve got delegates attending from all parts of the country. Choose somewhere central, near a big city like Leeds for example, and make sure it is convenient to reach by road, rail and air if possible. This leads into the last point – a well-connected venue is one that is close to major transport links, so there are many different transport options for participants to take advantage of.


  • Go for a meeting venue that has everything. If you might need services such as catering, hospitality, business facilities, Wi-Fi and even accommodation, don’t make extra work for yourself by organising them separately – go for an all-in-one venue such as Weetwood Hall, always a popular choice for meetings in Leeds.


  • Have a clear objective for the meeting. What do you aim to get out of the meeting? For example, do you want to set actions for launching a new project, update everyone on progress or finalise a contract? Your meeting should have one main outcome, so that it can be focused on reaching this key goal.


  • Set an agenda early on. Asking participants for agenda items, finalising it and circulating it amongst all delegates in plenty of time is an essential preparatory step for any meeting. You don’t want people adding things last minute, or even worse – interrupting the meeting with extra items.


  • Prepare your participants. Get a headstart on the meeting by sending your participants some preparatory notes and questions, to start getting the cogs turning and the ideas flowing. If your participants are already prepared with their own ideas, solutions and actions, they’ll be all ready to go on the day of the meeting itself.


  • Stick to your schedule. If you’re running a meeting, you need to do so with a firm hand. Refer to your agenda and move through it at good pace, politely checking any distractions or procrastinations so that you can get back on track.


  • Ask for feedback. There’s always room to improve, so make sure to ask meeting participants what they thought of how you organised and ran the meeting, and whether they could suggest improvements.

If you’re planning to run a meeting in Leeds, get in touch with the expert team at Weetwood Hall to see how we can accommodate your needs. Some of the most successful meetings in Yorkshire happen in our conference centre – let’s make yours the next. 

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