How to deliver a killer presentation

Anyone can deliver an ordinary presentation, speaking to a room of people and getting the facts across. However, it takes real skill, plus a few insider tips and tricks, to really make an impact with your presentation.

Here are the top tips you need to know to deliver a killer presentation:

  • Picture yourself as an audience member. What would catch your attention or stimulate your imagination? What do you really want to hear, and what do you expect from a speaker?
  • Finish when you’ve finished. Too many speakers try to fill out the time in their presentations, worrying that they haven’t gone into enough detail. However, unless you’ve got a very specific brief, you should say everything you need to say and then stop – making for a shorter, snappier presentation that will keep your audience awake.
  • Practice but don’t seem practiced. It is absolutely essential to practice your presentation beforehand, but pay more attention to the structure and flow of the content rather than memorising every word. You don’t want to be reciting your presentation robotically – that’s not interesting for you or your audience.
  • Adopt an assertive, confident persona. A good speaker is assertive, dynamic and confident, and this should show itself in clear, flowing speech and a great posture. Be careful not to tip over into aggressive or over-confident though – a speaker still needs to be likably.
  • Engage the audience. A presentation isn’t necessarily an audience participation event, but you should still attempt to directly engage participants. For example, you can ask a question and use an answer to illustrate your point, but make sure you can predict what the answer will be first!
  • Use humour with caution. A professional presentation can, of course, contain humour – it’s all part of your persona as a likeable, sincere speaker. However, don’t try too hard or force too many ‘jokes’ into your presentation. Only use humour if it’s appropriate, if you know the audience will understand it and if you have the easy confidence to pull it off – or the room could start to feel very awkward, very quickly.
  • Have the right equipment and practice with it. Too many presentations are ruined by equipment malfunctions and gaffes. Choose a conference facility with the very best and most user-friendly equipment, and take at least a couple of hours to familiarise yourself with it before the presentation. Remember that not all equipment is the same, and just because you’ve used other projectors before – it doesn’t necessarily mean that this one will play nice with you.

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