How attending exhibitions can make good business sense

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Exhibitions have long been a powerful marketing tool for companies of all sizes and of different industries. By showcasing products and services to potential customers and clients, if executed well, the return of investment exhibitions can bring to a business can be extremely lucrative.

Whilst the benefits of exhibiting at an exhibition or trade show are well-documented and fairly transparent, the advantages of visiting such an event are less conspicuous. If you are a company looking to gain greater exposure, network and generate more business in 2016, take a look at the following ways attending exhibitions can make good business sense.

A chance to network and make contacts

Exhibitions and the relevant events that often run alongside trade shows and exhibitions, such as seminars and workshops, provide great networking opportunities.

As the Marketing Donut advises:

“Introduce yourself – everyone is wearing a badge and is there to talk business. By taking the initiative, you can promote yourself and your business and make valuable contacts.”

Whilst networking in the digital age can be effectively carried out virtually through social media channels and other platforms without having to ‘physically’ go anywhere, ‘bricks and mortar’ networking still provides an effective way for businesses to interact, meet new contacts and potentially grow.

In fact physical networking is often championed as outweighing the ‘virtual handshake’ due to the fact it enables a business and individuals to show off their attributes and skills on a more personal level.

It also enables people to be more subjective in their networking. As Careerealism writes:

“Networking at exhibitions allows you to assess potential clients and organisations and come to a conclusion on whether you want to do business with them.”

Check out new developments

The last thing any business wants is to be left behind by competitors. Visiting an exhibition or trade fair can be an invaluable way to keep an eye on competition within your industry and have a look out for new developments that may be emerging.

You can also compare products, features and prices with your own products and prices to see how they measure up to the competition in your field.

For example, if you’re a wedding supplier, attending a wedding trade show could be a great way to see what competitors are displaying to ensure you’re not lagging behind.

Meet specific key individuals and organisations

Trade fairs and exhibitions also offer an invaluable way of meeting key individuals, groups, and organisations within your sector, which you may not have had the opportunity to meet elsewhere.

If you do want to use an exhibition to meet a specific person or organisation it is advisable to carry out some research in the run up to the event. You may want to make contact with such people prior to the exhibition to make arrangements to meet them. Before the meeting make sure you have done your homework so you are well prepared to ask any key figures what you want to know and so that you’re also prepared should they ask you anything!

It may also be worth setting yourself specific exhibition targets which will enable you to measure the degree of success of your visit to the exhibition afterwards.

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