Home or in a restaurant? The best venues to celebrate Easter with the family

The question of where to hold Easter lunch – at home or in a restaurant – can be very divisive. Just like other special occasions like Christmas Day, some people think that it should be enjoyed at home surrounded by family. However, others are understandably daunted by the pressure to cook a delicious Easter meal and entertain the family, not to mention all the effort, time, money and cleaning up involved.

Which will it be this year – home or away?

Spending Easter at home is a tradition for many families, but it can become a little monotonous. If you normally slave away over the stove to produce an Easter meal for your family, perhaps this year might be the right time to take a break. This year, why not mix things up a little bit and head out for your Easter Sunday lunch and let someone else take care of the cooking and cleaning up? After all, you deserve a relaxing day too.

If you do decide to go out for Easter Sunday, it’s really important to remember to book in advance. This day of the year can be hugely busy, so you’ll need to plan ahead if you want to secure a table at your favourite venue. This is particularly important if you plan to invite lots of members of your extended family to lunch, as you’ll need to secure enough space for a large party.

Worries about venues being too busy and crowded often put off those who tend to spend Easter at home year after year, but it doesn’t need to be a problem if you plan in advance.

Easter Sunday lunch at Weetwood Hall

So, where to choose for your Easter weekend celebration? If you live locally and you’re looking for a great place to have Easter lunch in Leeds, or you fancy a weekend away somewhere new, consider spending the day at Weetwood Hall.

Easter Sunday lunch at Weetwood Hall involves a delicious carvery dinner and something just a little bit special for the kids (shhh, it’s a surprise!). There’s a celebratory yet relaxed atmosphere in the Woodlands Suite and a fun, family-friendly vibe. What’s more, the whole of the Woodlands Suite is given over to Easter Sunday revellers, making it a really social occasion. At the end of the day it’s all about Easter, and we’re really looking forward to it!

Of course, it’s completely up to you where you choose to have your Easter Sunday lunch, but you might find that trying something new makes a refreshing and fun change. Why not give it a try – think of all the washing up you won’t have to do!


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