Five great family sports children will love

Families often play sports separately, with the kids taking part in sports at school and their parents heading off to their own sports clubs, as well as the gym and fitness classes, in the evenings.

However, playing sports with children as a family can be hugely rewarding, bringing everyone closer together and strengthening those family bonds. It’s a unique chance to have fun, get some exercise and fresh air and work together as a family, which can only be a good thing.

To get your children interested in playing sport with you, suggest one of these five fantastic family sports:

  1. Football. There are a couple of reasons why football is the most family-friendly sport you can play. First of all, you only need the most minimal of equipment – a ball! You can also play any form of the game you want, from a simple kickabout between two people to a proper game with four or five family members. You can play anywhere, for as long as you like, and it can be a breathless and super fun activity that will have you all giggling by the end of it. Plus, it’s fantastic exercise.
  2. Cricket. A game of cricket requires a little more equipment than football, but it is the perfect family sport. With just a bat, a ball and a set of wickets, you can have hours of fun. If you have someone to bat, someone to bowl and one or two fielders – so, basically, all the family joining in – you have a game of cricket on your hands. Everyone gets a go at everything, from batting to bowling to running about, and it can be great for your fitness levels.
  3. Basketball. Basketball is a great sport for kids. It’s fast, exciting and is a real team sport that is played indoors and that is certainly on the rise in the UK. The Leeds Force Basketball Foundation (LFBF) is a fantastic way to get your children into basketball in Leeds. The LFBF is committed to developing participation and performance pathways for players of all abilities throughout the West Yorkshire region. It runs both community and national league camps that cater for all abilities. Certain camps take place at half-term and parents can take their children for whole day sessions. Leeds Force Foundation uses multiple venues across the city including its community partner schools and Leeds Beckett University. You can find out more information at the LFBT website.
  4. Tennis. If you’ve tried badminton and you’d like to take the next step, or you have older children or teens, tennis is the sport for your family. It’s fast, furious and really exciting, and it can get quite competitive too! Many families make doubles tennis a regular family activity, and you can too!
  5. Cycling. While not the same kind of sport as the others, cycling is a great way to get some exercise and fresh air, explore nature and the local countryside and have a social time as a family. Grab your family and grab a bike and get cycling – you’ll soon be hooked!

Family sports are fantastic activities for holidays, but you’ll need access to the right facilities. If you’re looking for family sports in Leeds, on your next ‘staycation’ or weekend away, you couldn’t do better than sports at Weetwood Hall. This is because a stay at Weetwood Hall gives you exclusive access to Sports Park Weetwood, which has over 100 acres and lots of facilities from tennis courts to football pitches.



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