Five festive proposals: Pop the question in style this Christmas

Christmas can be the perfect time to pop that all-important question. With festive lights twinkling, wood fires burning and everyone relaxed and enjoying spending time together, it’s the perfect backdrop to make a special romantic gesture. But how to do it?  Should you simply drop down to one knee or should you plan a festive surprise? Here are some ideas, which should hopefully lead to a spate of 2015 weddings

  1. Fool your partner with a large box. This idea has the lovely element of surprise, as your partner may be looking out for a ring-shaped box. Instead, you can fool her by taking the ring in its box and placing it inside a slightly larger box, then put that box in one that is slightly bigger again. Go as far as you like with this one, until you have a large present to put in her stocking that she would never guess contains a ring. She’ll have to open and unwrap each one, becoming more mystified and excited with each layer, making the ring at the end of it all a delightful surprise!


  1. Put the ring on the tree. A sparkly engagement ring will look beautiful on a Christmas tree, so much so that you’ll have to help your partner admire it. Guide her over to admire the tree, then pop down on one knee as soon as she notices the ring.


  1. Pop the ring in an advent calendar, behind the Christmas Day door. This fun idea is easy to achieve – all you need is an advent calendar and a way to pop out the chocolate that lies behind the December 25th door and replace it with an engagement ring. Get your partner to open the other doors as December advances, then watch his or her face as they open the last door on Christmas morning. It’ll be a lovely surprise.


  1. Hang the ring from mistletoe. This is a proposal idea that will only work at Christmas, which makes it the perfect festive surprise. It’s also very simple and elegant. All you need to do is hang some mistletoe in your house, attach the engagement ring to it and guide your partner under it when the moment’s right. Point out the mistletoe, she’ll look up and pop the question. It’s an intimate, low-key and very romantic way to propose.


  1. Spell out your proposal in Christmas lights. This is a more dramatic gesture, but it is a very romantic one. It’s simple really, spell out “Will you marry me?” or perhaps just “Marry me” in Christmas fairy lights on the lawn. Then, take your partner to an upstairs window and pull back the curtains for the big reveal. Just make sure it’s night-time for maximum effect!

With one of these romantic festive proposals, you should be guaranteed a ‘yes’! You can then spend Christmas and New Year choosing a date, thinking about wedding accommodation and talking about your plans. Don’t forget – Weetwood Hall is one of the best places for receptions and accommodation for weddings in Leeds, with lots of packages and customisable options available.  If your proposal goes well, get in touch with your ideas for the big day!



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