Eating in or dining out? What’s more romantic on Valentine’s Day?

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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and couples everywhere are making preparations for the most romantic night of the year. Do you and your loved one go out and spend a romantic evening in a restaurant, or do you wine and dine at your leisure at home?

Weetwood Hall explores what’s more romantic on Valentine’s Day, eating in or dining out?

Romantic upsides to dining out

No cooking

Who’s going to opt to cook the meal on Valentine’s Day? Should you take the plunge and volunteer, or should you wait for your partner to offer to try out their culinary skills, it is Valentine’s Day after all and you deserve to be treated!

If you opt to dine out of February 14th, the quandary of who is going to cook is completely eradicated!

No washing up!

By the same token, so is the washing up! If you and your loved one visit a restaurant on Valentine’s Day nobody is faced with the arduous and hardly romantic task of being elbow deep in greasy suds – certainly not conducive with a romantic night in!

Sample top-notch cuisine

Unless your partner is an extremely good cook, the chances are dining out on Valentine’s night will enable you and your partner to enjoy the fine cuisine that you both deserve. And top-notch cuisine washed down with delicious quality wine whilst being attentively waited on, is definitely a romantic gesture.

Enjoy a more romantic setting

A dimly-lit restaurant, with the flickering flame of candlelight on every table and the intense aromas of some mouth-watering dishes radiating from the kitchen, is certainly a romantic setting for a Valentine’s night to remember and one that can’t be truly replicated at home.

Romantic upsides to eating in

No time limits

Without waiting on staff hurriedly clearing your table and hastily asking you whether you’d like to order pudding in anticipation of the next coupe arriving, dining in can be a more leisurely affair in which there are no time constraints.

Consequently, couples can take their time over the starter, main course, pudding, coffee and whatever might come next!

No alcohol restraints

Who is going to drive to and from the restaurant is the million dollar question on Valentine’s night. If you are the one who is begrudgingly refraining from alcoholic beverages, your Valentine’s meal might not be quite as enticing as your partner’s.

Eating in does, of course overcome the problem of who is going to drive and if you want to pop the cork of another bottle of Prosecco or open another bottle of Rioja, you can!

Valentine’s Dinner at Weetwood Hall

If the ‘eating out’ brigade has won you over and you’re looking for an exceptionally romantic venue for a Valentine’s evening to remember in Leeds, look no further than Weetwood Hall.

Why not treat your loved one to a romantic Valentine’s Dinner on 13th and 14th February 2016? Held in our charming 16th century Manor House, our special Valentine’s Dinner comprises of a six course dinner.

Or better still, why not go the extra mile a treat your loved one to our Valentine’s packages with dinner, an overnight stay and breakfast – you can’t get much more romantic than that!


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