Current wedding ring and jewellery trends: An interview with Craven Jewellers

One of the most exciting aspects of getting married has to be choosing the wedding rings. Picking a ring that is a symbol of your eternal love and commitment and that you’ll proudly wear for the rest of your life is a difficult decision. If you have an impending wedding and are looking for a ring, have a read of our interview with Craven Jewellers in Yeadon, Leeds, suppliers of bespoke jewellery and jewellery services for more than 45 years and are the proud winners of the 2015 North of England Wedding Awards for Outstanding Customer Service.

Weetwood Hall caught up with Malcolm Sparkes, Managing Director at Craven Jewellers, to talk about current wedding ring trends.

What type of wedding rings are in fashion at the moment?

We find that diamond set rings for ladies have grown increasingly popular over the last couple of years, and with us specialising in hand making wedding rings we can shape the brides ring to fit perfectly up to the engagement ring so that they complement each other.

What types of rings are grooms wearing?

It often depends on the groom’s personal preferences, and often his job, to decide what metal and shape he needs to choose. Palladium has become the metal of choice for most due to its durability and lightness. Palladium is especially great for those with a manual hands on job, and some choose a more unusual design and others go with the modern twist on the classic court shaped band. Recently, yellow gold and rose gold are slowly growing more and more popular for both ladies and gentlemen.

Have wedding rings for grooms become more popular in recent years?

They have as there is a lot more variation now, it isn’t always just the classic band or signet ring available, there are now many more designs and metals for grooms to choose from!

What are the other ‘must have’ wedding jewellery trends/styles right now?

We have found that having the wedding ring shaped to fit is very desirable, so with us creating and designing the wedding rings in house we are able to get the exact measurements. Also, we offer free engraving on both rings which has proved very popular. In addition, we have had brides and grooms, grooms and grooms and brides and brides come in wanting matching wedding rings which is also a very lovely idea, where sometimes they may tweak the inside to personalise them a little more.

Do you have any ideas about what will be a popular wedding ring fashion in 2016?

Recently, we have done Roman numerals of the couples wedding date on the outside of the ring, some separated by diamonds, and also of the significant others fingerprint. These are really personal touches that are becoming more and more popular. We also offer laser engraving on the outside where couples can have anything they want on there, such as; names and dates, quotes, song lyrics, and we can even do the Lord of the Rings script on the front! The possibilities are endless, so to say an exact trend would be inaccurate from our point of view as we have such a vast amount of choice for the couples – they really can have anything they want!

What do you find rewarding about helping couples find their perfect wedding rings?

Each member of our staff loves helping couples find their perfect wedding rings. The rings are what symbolises and connects them from their wedding day through to the end, so it often means a great deal to our couples, and to us in getting them perfect for them. So we really do have the best job by helping them choose and create something so meaningful and personal.

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