Coping with the death of a loved one: Advice on organising a funeral


Coping with the death of a loved one can be devastating, for all the family. On top of the grief and upset, funeral arrangements have to be made, which, for many, only intensifies the anguish and pain. Weetwood Hall provides advice on arranging a funeral during this difficult time.

Cremation or burial


The deceased loved one may have specified whether she or he would like to be buried or cremated. If not, it is often down to the family of the deceased to decide whether there will be a cremation or burial service. Depending on the wishes of the loved one or the family, get in touch with a church, funeral directors or crematorium, to initiate the funeral arrangements.


Finding a venue

It is typical for the family and close friends to attend a wake following the funeral service. The most common venues for funeral wakes are hotels, church halls, social clubs, pubs and sports clubs.

When finding an appropriate venue for the wake, you should consider various aspects, such as how close and easy to access will the venue be from the burial or crematorium? Does the venue have experience catering for funeral wakes? Will there be a place for guests to eat, drink and talk? Is there parking at the venue? Is the venue renowned for good customer service?

If you would like to decorate the venue with photographs or flowers, you may need to visit it prior to the wake, which you will need to confirm with the venue in advance, ideally, when making the booking.


Transport will need to be arranged to take the coffin to the funeral service. The hearse is usually followed by funeral cars that take the chief mourners to the funeral service. The route of the procession can be pre-arranged with the funeral transportation company.

Catering arrangements


Certain venues will provide the catering arrangements at a wake. Your catering requirements, including the type of food you would like, the number of guests to cater for and the time the food should be served, should be prearranged with the wake venue.


Many venues offer flexible catering packages at funerals, such as serving your loved one’s favourite food.



Notifying guests of funeral arrangements

Once the funeral arrangements are in place, try and notify all the guests as soon as possible of the date, time and place the funeral will be taking place. Many guests may have to take the day off work or arrange child care, so the earlier they are notified about the funeral, the better.

Having a funeral at Weetwood Hall


If you are looking for a venue to hold a funeral service in Leeds with excellent customer service, Weetwood Hall in Headingley, hosts quality funeral gatherings.


Our team has many years of experience in funeral gatherings and will ensure all arrangements for this difficult event are treated with the upmost sympathy and dignity.


Weetwood Hall will take care of all the catering arrangements for the funeral for you, providing a high-quality menu that can be tailored to your specific requirements and tastes.


Situated not far from Lawnswood Crematorium and Cemetery and Rawdon Crematorium, Weetwood Hall offers a conveniently-located, easy to access venue for funeral services in Leeds.


If you need to discuss funeral arrangements in Leeds, our compassionate and caring staff will be more than happy to provide you with information related to holding a funeral at our hotel in Headingley.



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