Calling all ‘Green Businesses’ – Why you should use a sustainable meeting room

Nowadays, going ‘green’ is not only good for the environment. It’s also extremely good for business. Green businesses that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability can stand out from competitors, impress like-minded clients and business partners and win more customers with their green image, as well as potentially saving money.

If your business is green-minded, you should definitely consider holding your meetings and conferences in sustainable meeting rooms. This is just another step on the road to becoming an eco-responsible company, but it’s a very important one.

What makes a sustainable meeting space?

There are many things that make a meeting room green. It doesn’t need to be solar powered or contain ‘upcycled’ furniture to be a sustainable environment in which to conduct meetings. Sustainable features of meeting spaces for green businesses, such as those at Weetwood Hall in Leeds, include:

  • SMART technology for remote meetings – why drag everyone halfway across the country, burning up fuel on transport, when you can hold a remote meeting in a secure space with the latest in virtual meeting technology?
  • Recycled materials such as flip chart paper and pens
  • Facilities for recycling waste generated in meetings
  • Fair trade coffee, locally sourced food, environmentally friendly crockery and refillable glass bottles
  • A commitment to ‘clutter free’ meetings
  • Energy saving lighting and electrical equipment

5 key advantages for your business

Now you know what a sustainable meeting space is, here are 5 persuasive reasons for your business to use one:

  1. It demonstrates a full commitment to sustainability. No one measure makes a business green, so improving sustainability in every single part of your business is the way to go. Using green meeting spaces is just one of the steps to a full commitment to sustainability.
  2. It’s great for your green credentials. One of the great things about your business being more eco-friendly is that it gives you a unique selling point, something to shout about. So, if you’re holding greener meetings, make sure you tell all your clients and customers about it.
  3. It will help to impress business partners. It’s not just your business that is making sustainability a priority, and your clients and business partners may be keen to be associated with another like-minded business.
  4. It can be a real money-saver. Green measures can save you money all round and even the small changes, like sharing transport to meetings for example, can add up to substantial savings.
  5. It can future-proof your business. Sustainability isn’t a trend that will go away any time soon – it is the future for practically all businesses, so make sure you don’t get left behind.

Weetwood Hall in Leeds is a conscientious venue when it comes to sustainable meeting practices and environmentally friendly spaces. This venue is a holder of the Gold Accreditation via the Green Business Tourism scheme, a specialist in environmentally aware and sustainable venues.


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