Benefits of company residential meetings


Residential meetings, whereby members of staff travel to an off-site location, typically stay at a venue for a night or two, and participate in various activities, come with a multitude of benefits for businesses and organisations of a diverse range of sectors and sizes.

Weetwood Hall, which offers high quality residential meetings in Leeds, explores the many different benefits of company residential meetings.

Enable teams to bond

Residential retreats provide the perfect location for team bonding to take place. Many residential venues are geared towards teambuilding exercises and activities, designed to get employees to work together, overcome obstacles and generally bond.

However, the mere act of spending a night or more away together in a new location, sharing meals together and relaxing, can be a great way for team members to get to know each other better, bond and mix.

After a residential meeting or weekend away, teams often feel they are more connected and better equipped to collaborate and work together in an office setting.

Less distractions

Without the office phone ringing, meetings with clients to be had, post to give out, and the general distractions of life in an office, residential meetings can be perfect in enabling employees to bond, train and learn without any distractions.

As UCLA Conferences and Catering says in a feature about the benefits of holding an off-site retreat:

“If you take your team out of their natural work setting, it’s far less tempting to step out of the room to answer an “urgent” phone call or email, as they might at work.”

A fresh setting

Staring at the same four walls, day in day out, doesn’t do anybody any favours, particularly when it comes to hosting meetings designed to inspire, bond and motivate. By contrast, holding a meeting in a new setting, away from the normal working environment, encourages participants to think more creatively and explore new ideas with greater enthusiasm and innovation.

Have a good time

We’ve all heard of the saying “Too much work and not enough play, makes Jack a dull boy”.

Work shouldn’t be just about slogging it at a desk, week in week out, to reach targets, meet deadlines and keep clients happy. Residential meetings provide an ideal opportunity for colleagues to relax, take time out from the daily tasks and generally have a good time, which is good for the soul as well as the mind!

Residential meetings at Weetwood Hall

If you’re looking for a venue to hold a residential meeting in Leeds, then look no further than Weetwood Hall. We offer a 24-hour residential meeting package in our first-rate conference venue and accommodation in our stylish and modern hotel. Having quality meeting facilities, excellent cuisine and comfortable accommodation under the same roof, Weetwood Hall’s residential meetings provide the perfect venue for colleagues and delegates to meet, participate in activities, wine and dine, and sleep in the same convenient location.

Our 24-hour residential meeting package includes:

.               Free Wi-fi

.               Access to the business centre and conference reception

.               Professional and dedicated conference team to meet, greet and assist

.               Meeting essentials, including data projector, screen, white board, and flip chart

.               Hire of the primary meeting room

.               Stationery for delegates

.               Unlimited tea and coffee throughout the day

.               Danish pastries on arrival, plus seasonal refreshments during mid-afternoon

.               Fresh fruit, dried fruit, biscuits, chocolates and mixed seeds available throughout the    day

.               Sweets and water (still/sparkling)

.               Three-course buffet lunch

.               Free parking for more than 170 vehicles

.               Accommodation in en-suite rooms of six unique styles

.               An evening meal comprising of three courses

.               Continental or Yorkshire breakfast

.               Access to the nearby Cookridge Hall Health and Fitness Centre, including free transport there at designated times

If you believe your company or team could benefit from a residential meeting in 2017, get in contact with our business and conference centre team to discuss our 24-hour residential meeting package.


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