Beat the post-Xmas blues: Book your January Christmas Party at Weetwood Hall

Christmas is done and dusted for another year, and it’s back to work soon – but let’s not let the post-Xmas blues get us down. Why not make the festive period last a little bit longer with a January Christmas party?


Why have a Christmas party in January?


It might sound a bit silly to have a Christmas party after all the fun of the festive season is over, but it actually makes a lot of sense. It can be much cheaper, as venues aren’t driving up their prices to make the most of the pre-Christmas rush.


You will also have a better choice of venues with January Christmas parties. Unlike in the run-up and during the festive period, when most businesses hold their office parties, practically every decent venue can be fully booked. If they can squeeze you in, the service and perhaps even the quality of the food can suffer.


Now we are in January you can choose practically any venue you like. Restaurants and hotels are much quieter at this time of year, so they’ll be glad of your business. You know they’ll have enough space even for very large groups of people, you’ll get the best service and food quality, and you can also arrange things exactly the way you like.


January Christmas parties for the hospitality industry


Being a hotel and Christmas party venue, the team at Weetwood Hall know how impossible it can be to hold our own party at this time of year. Hospitality businesses are so busy arranging and hosting other people’s office parties that there isn’t a minute to spare for an in-house celebration. For these businesses, a Christmas party in January makes complete sense.


Tips for planning a post-Christmas office party


If you want to plan a fabulous late office Christmas party, bear these useful tips in mind:


  • Check that the venue can cater for your festive requirements. In short, this means checking that the venue can offer a Christmas menu and other festive trimmings
  • Consider an alternative to traditional Christmas food and decorations. Now it’s January and  Christmas is over, your guests might be a little sick of turkey and mince pies. You might want to do something a little different with your menu and the theme of your party. It can still have the spirit of a Christmas celebration, but offer something new for the New Year.
  • Buy your supplies in January – but don’t leave it too late! Everything from decorations to crackers will be a lot cheaper if purchased now in early January, but it won’t be stocked for long so make sure you don’t leave it too long or you’ll miss out.


Not all venues cater for post-Xmas parties, but Weetwood Hall offers a full Christmas party service even in January. If you want lots of space, a delicious menu and customisable party options, book January Christmas parties in Leeds at Weetwood Hall.










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