An interview with Weetwood Hall’s lovely and bubbly Finance Assistant, Tracey Wright


Weetwood Hall loves to chat and find out more about our fantastic members of staff and this week we had the pleasure of catching up with the lovely and bubbly Tracey, our dependable finance assistant! We asked Tracey what she loves about working at Weetwood Hall, where her dream holiday destination would be, what her favourite dish is and a whole host of other questions! Check out the interview with our finance whizz, the lovely Tracey.

What is your role at Weetwood Hall?

Finance Assistant

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a bubbly character, who likes to go out with family and friends. I have been married for 20 years and have two daughters, one leaves school this year to join sixth form and is training to be a midwife. My other daughter works at a hairdressers, on an apprenticeship.

I have worked since I was 16, first as a sewing machinist on a YTS (apprenticeship now) then moved into a junior role in a tailor’s company. I then started my first role in an accounts department at a solicitors and have been in financial roles ever since.

What is your favourite thing about being a member of the Weetwood Hall family?

I have worked at Weetwood since February 2015 and enjoyed every minute of it. My job is both varied and challenging.  I did not come from a hotel background so found it hard at first, but every staff member in the hotel welcomed you with a warm and friendly smile.

Where would be your dream holiday destination?

My dream holiday would be to visit my family in Australia, where I was born. My mum wanted to come back when I was 5 years old, she regrets that decision now though and wishes we had not come back! Though I have to say, if we hadn’t have come back I would not have had the chance to meet my husband, but I could have been married to a surfer!

What would your perfect hotel room include?

My perfect Hotel room would be a Jacuzzi with a bottle of prosecco chilling. An idea for Weetwood maybe?

What is the most important part of a Sunday roast and why?

I love a Sunday roast; the best part is the meat and vegetables and of course the glass of wine to wash it down!  I try to get my family around the table as much as possible as it’s the only time I get conversation out of the kids!

What’s your favourite holiday of the year?

My favourite holiday of the year is Easter, it’s a long time from Christmas to Easter, so I enjoy the long weekend off, plus the lovely chocolate and sometimes Easter falls on my birthday.

Weetwood hosts a fantastic array of food from a number of local suppliers. If you wanted to get your loved ones round the table for the evening, what would be your speciality dish?

As a mum I cook all my meals from fresh, you will find me in the kitchen on a Sunday making the meals for the week, everything from cottage pie to lasagne, chicken pies and soups.

Where is your favourite local spot to spend your spare time?

For a weekend away we love to escape to Seahouses in Northumberland. I love villages and one day I would like to live in a village. I’d probably end up being one of the village gossips though!

Meanwhile, if you’d like to treat yourself and your loved ones to a mouth-wateringly delicious meal at Weetwood Hall and enjoy dining on fine food made from locally-sourced ingredients, why not book a table in one of our quality restaurants?





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