Advice for a family-friendly Easter break without any trials and tribulations!

The Easter holidays are fantastic fun for the kids, with two whole weeks away from the classroom and the freedom to run riot. However, as you can imagine, this two week break is not always so fun for parents.

Trying to find activities with which to entertain the kids, planning travel and accommodation, and generally keeping everyone happy over Easter can be quite stressful.

To ensure that the whole family has a happy and relaxed break, follow our 5 top tips for a stress-free Easter.

Get creative. Easter is a great time to get children involved in arts and crafts. Have a look around your local area for egg decorating workshops and other local craft events. Or, if you are going away, pack plenty of art and craft materials to encourage children to get creative on holiday by making Easter bunnies and decorating eggs, cakes and baskets.

Go on a nature trail. With the early signs of spring emerging and the evenings nice and light, Easter is a great time to encourage children into the great outdoors and to explore the surrounding nature. Whether you stay and home or go away at Easter, do some research to see if there are any nature trails in the area. Failing that, simply get out into the countryside and enjoy looking at the beautiful flowers and wildlife rousing from their winter’s sleep.

Make sure there’s enough to do for the kids. Bored adults can probably entertain themselves, but bored kids can be a nightmare to deal with. When researching where to stay, make sure there are enough attractions and activities that your children will like nearby. For example, when staying at accommodation like Weetwood Hall in Leeds, there is everything from indoor karting, urban farms and bowling to parks and play centres nearby, not to mention the many attractions of Leeds city centre.

Take plenty of accessories to keep the family entertained. We’re not talking bandages and food rations here – more like essentials to keep the kids clean, fed, entertained and happy. For example, your Easter holiday accessories could contain juice, biscuits, notebooks and coloured pens, comics or puzzle books and a couple of their favourite toys or games. If there’s any sign of trouble, whip out such accessories and placate the kids. Don’t forget the plasters and bandages too – just in case!

Pack for as many eventualities as you can think of. This doesn’t mean lugging around heavy suitcases, it just means thinking and packing smart. For example, have a car game or a CD of sing-along songs ready before a long journey, pack baby wipes in case of spills and accidents, pack layers just in case the weather changes and have lots of plastic bags in case you need to carry anything extra along the way (be it wet clothes or shopping).

Just because you have children, it doesn’t mean that your Easter holiday needs to be stressful. Simply follow the tips above, book yourself a lovely family room at Weetwood Hall and get ready for a fun, relaxing and battery-recharging Easter break.


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