A taste of Yorkshire: Why locally-sourced Yorkshire ingredients make the perfect Christmas dinner

For many people, Christmas dinner is at the heart of the whole festive season. Sharing a delicious meal with family and loved ones is what Christmas is all about, but it could be even better if you choose to eat locally sourced ingredients this December.

At Weetwood Hall in Leeds, sourcing local ingredients is a real priority. All menus are planned with seasonality and local ingredients in mind, and this includes Christmas dinner and other festive menus. Wherever possible, only the very best Yorkshire ingredients are used, and we think you really can taste the difference.

Yorkshire specialities – what will you include on your Christmas dinner menu this year?

The historic county of Yorkshire is famous for its agriculture and fresh produce, as well as its rich, wholesome ingredients. We all know of the famous Yorkshire pudding, which may well be a staple part of Christmas dinner in Yorkshire homes this year.

However, the county is also famous for its cheeses, including the famous Wensleydale, which is perfect for a post-dinner Christmas cheeseboard. Locally blended Yorkshire Tea is drunk throughout the UK and beyond, whilst the county’s hundreds of micro-breweries produce deliciously distinctive beer and ale that will no doubt be enjoyed throughout Christmas and into the New Year.

As well as these specialities of Yorkshire food, the county also has abundant suppliers of great quality meat, dairy products and fresh fruit and vegetables.

Why sourcing local ingredients is so important

There are lots of reasons why restaurants and hotels should be working much harder to use and promote locally produced ingredients. In fact, there are so many that it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t choose local. Here are just a handful of reasons why sourcing local ingredients is so important:

  • It’s better for the environment. Importing produce can involve journeys of thousands of miles, which of course involves a huge carbon footprint. Local food, meanwhile, requires only a short journey for it to reach its destination. Restaurants using local ingredients, and diners choosing to eat them, can dramatically cut environmentally harmful emissions. Think of it as a little Christmas present for the environment!


  • It supports local suppliers. Small food businesses and farms rely on local custom to survive, so let’s make sure we keep them in business!


  • They’re fresher! Ingredients that don’t have to travel so far can go from farm to plate sometimes in a matter of hours, meaning that they are so much fresher and not an ounce of flavour has been lost. So, local ingredients are not only good for suppliers and for the environment – they vastly improve the dining experience too.

Weetwood Hall sources over 60% of its food purchases locally or regionally and is a member of the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Food Group. We partner with lots of local food suppliers, including the Yorkshire Dales Meat Company, Sykes House Farm, First Choice vegetables and Just Desserts, an award winning local baker and patissier. We’ve gone local, so why don’t you this Christmas?



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