7 quirky gift ideas for the best man and maid of honour

One of the hundreds of little decisions engaged couples will need to make ahead of Leeds weddings is what gifts they’d like to give the maid of honour and best man. These two are amongst the most important of your wedding party, as well as being your closest friends or family members. They work tirelessly to ensure that everything goes smoothly, from the hen do to the best man’s speech – so they definitely deserve a little thank you! But what to choose?

To give you a little inspiration ahead of your big day, here are 7 of the best quirky gift ideas for the best man and maid of honour:

  1. Engraved/personalised glassware. A pint glass or champagne flute painted or engraved with the date of the wedding, a thank you from the happy couple and perhaps a fun image is a fantastic way to commemorate the event as well as showing your appreciation.
  2. Monogrammed writing paper. This doesn’t need to be anything formal, but the personalised element of a pretty stack of notes or writing paper makes a very sweet gift, particularly for the maid of honour.
  3. A framed photo of the two of you together. If you’re sneaky about it, you can even get a snap during the hen do, stag party or wedding preparations to put in the frame as a memento of the big day.
  4. A personalised cartoon strip. Find yourself a good artist and give them some details and a picture so they can create a personalised cartoon for the best man or maid of honour – it’s cute, quirky and completely unique!
  5. Hand carved bottle opener. This one’s great for the best man, as it’s useful, not too fussy and something he will use all the time – so he’ll always be reminded of the big day. You can also try personalised wine-stoppers, chopping boards engraved using wood burning techniques or other kitchen implements. You can even try making them yourself!
  6. Unusual hip flasks. There are all kinds of super cool and unusual hip flasks you can buy these days, from classic engraved silver ones to flasks that look like retro Gameboys. You’re bound to find one tailored to the recipient, and you can fill it with their favourite spirit if you’re feeling nice!
  7. Mini bar in a jar! This is a gift you can make yourself, grabbing a few of the person’s favourite spirits in miniature and popping them in an engraved jar. Consumable gifts are always popular, and the recipient gets to keep the jar when all the booze has gone!

Gifts for the best man and maid of honour is, of course, an important item on your wedding planning list, but don’t even think about it until you have your venue nailed down! Weetwood Hall in Leeds is a hugely popular choice for weddings in Yorkshire, so get in touch for availability and to start planning your dream day.

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