10 ways team building activities help people win at work


A motivated, content and satisfied workforce is the foundation to business success. Without a loyal and productive team in place, companies of all shapes and sizes will almost inevitably run into problems. Team building is tried and tested as being an effective method to help workforces bond and stay motivated.

Weetwood Hall explores 10 ways team building activities help people win at work.

  • Improves morale

Getting involved in team building activities pumps adrenaline around the body, promoting a ‘feel good’ factor. These euphoric, feel-good feeling help to improve morale at work. With improved morale, individuals are more likely to work harder and improve their performance at work.

  • Rouses motivation

Taking members of staff away from the office and their normal working environment and into a fun and engaging setting, helps to rouse motivation, which again, is a key criterion of succeeding at work.

  • Greater productivity and better performance

By improving morale and rousing motivation, encouraging staff to participate in team building activities helps to improve productivity at work and ultimately performance. As Team Coaching International writes, team building activities are an essential component for “enhancing productivity within a company.”

  • Building trust

Trust is an important component of any team or business. Embarking on interactive team building exercises that rely on participants trusting each other, helps build trust amongst employees, trust that can be relied on within a working setting and help people win at work.

  • Improves focus

Retaining focus at work is essential in improving productivity and performance. Inviting members of staff to take part in team building activities can be an effective way to improve focus on both an individual and a team level.

  • Helps define objectives and goals

Team building exercises are typically centred on defining objectives and reaching goals. By encouraging individuals and teams to practice defining objectives and reaching goals, the lessons learned during team building sessions can be brought back to the office and utilised in a working environment.

  • Improve communication

Working through a task together to reach a mutually-driven goal relies on interaction and communication. Team building sessions, which require participants to communicate and work together, are an effective way for teams, and individuals, to develop communication skills, ultimately helping teams succeed and both individual and company performance to be improved.

  • Identifies strengths and weaknesses

We’ve all got strengths and we’ve all got weaknesses. Such strengths and weaknesses can have a tendency to go unnoticed and therefore unable to be exploited and improved. Team building exercises identify the strengths and weaknesses of an existing team. By identifying such vital components of a team, strengths and weaknesses can then be worked on and strengthened in order to make a positive impact at work and help people succeed in their jobs.

  • Solving problems

A working day simply wouldn’t be a normal without running into problems in some sort of capacity. The trick is working problems out and overcoming them in the best possible way. This is when participating in team building exercises can prove invaluable.

During many team building sessions, teams are forced to solve and overcome problems. The problem-solving skills acquired at team building sessions can be taken back to the office and effectively utilised in work situations.

  • Taps into hidden potential

Team building activities also help identify the hidden potential of individuals and teams. For example, a team building program might reveal an individual has panache at motivating others and driving morale during difficult times. This hidden potential that has been tapped into during team building exercises can be taken back to the workplace and used accordingly to help improve performance at work.

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